BV's {NEWEST POST} 9/25/17 --6 of 7 HOON-EDITION Twerkstalion-- {Photocomp 49 WINNER}

I welcome you to my Forza Horizon 3 gallery. In here you will not see MOST of the pictures I take in the game. I don’t share or save all my pictures as I tend to not like most of them. None of my pictures are edited unless you see words on the picture. (for example these headers are as much as I get into editing.)

I have been playing Forza since Forza 1 for the Xbox. I loved playing GT before that but once I found out I could create my own paints for Forza it was what made me buy an Xbox the week of its release! I have been on these forums now since Forza 3 which is where I began to get into doing the forum thing. I have taken a few breaks, and one the biggest things I tried to do was in Forza 5 where i tried to get a pictures of every car on every track. But during that my computer failed and I lost all my editing software and since then I have had a hard time getting back that software.
I mainly do Forzatogrphy here now, But I can paint, of which I have the Zoo Pork stuff. I can also tune but I have only gotten into drag racing in that respect. I will do more tuning but I think only in the next Forza.
If you have any questions on the stuff I post and want to see settings or whatnot just ask. Or anything really.

Feel free to add me on Xbox if you would like.

FH3 First Shots & Paints

Week 2 PC Entries

“All Cars” Project entry submission “Vandura”

“All Cars” Project entry submission “Datsun”

GTA Spano & Paint

Week 3 PC entries

Alfa C8

BMW M4 HE & Paint


“All Cars” Aston Martin Vanquish

“All Cars” Hummer H1 Alpha

“All Cars” GMC 1500-G Vandura

“All Cars” Rolls Royce Dawn

Abstracts & Veneno extras

“All Cars” Lamborghini Veneno

La Ferrari extras

“All Cars” La Ferrari & extras & PC 6

Dodge Challenger extras & Black and White set

“All Cars” '70 Dodge Challenger

“All Cars” Ferrari 166MM

“All Cars” Jeep Willy’s MB

“All Cars” Ferrari F40 & extras

“All Cars” Ferrari 288 GTO

Jaguar XJ-220 & Week 7 PC entries & More XJ-220’s

Nissan 240SX SE

Range Rover Supercharged

Volvo 123GT

Lexus RC F

Flying Lizard R8 LMS

Mercedes-Benz 190E Evolution II & PC W9 & Landscapes + Extra

Lamborghini LM 002

Corvette Z06 Horizon Edition + Homespace extras

Preview MX5 set & Extras and Landscapes

Maserati in Chrome

Photocomp11 and Extras

Mazda MX-5 set w/paint

Blizzard Mountain Landscapes & PC12

Photocomp 13

Photocomp 14

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept

Photocomp 15

Cadillac CTS-V Sedan

NIssan 390GT 1

Photocomp 16

Messing around with Forza Horizon 3 inside and out

Photocomp 17

No Real Sets

Photocomp 18

Two of the same & more

Small Vette Set

Small BMW HE Set

Piggy Bank Blueprints

Photocomp 19

Extras, PC Rejects, Camaro HE, Funnies

Chevelle HE & New Piggy Banks


Photocomp 20

Photocomp 21

Sunburst & Cooldown

Photocomp 22

Photocomp 23

Chevy Camaro ZL1

Photocomp 24

Photocomp 25

Photocomp 26

Photocomp 27

Porsche 911 GT2

Photocomp 28

Photocomp 29

Porsche 911 GT2 Part 2 & McLaren F1

Photocomp 30

Photocomp 31


Photocomps 32 &33

Photocomp 34 & 35

Photocomp 36 & 37

Photocomp 38 & 39

Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge

Photocomp 40, 41 & 44

Porsche #45 Flying Lizard RSR

Photocomp 45


Photocomp 46

2 of 7 HOON-EDITION Ford Escort RS1800

3 of 7 HOON-EDITION Ford Mustang “HOONICORN”

Photocomp 47

Chevy Bel Air “Tri 5 by Fire”

Photocomp 48

Porsche Cayman GT4

Part 5 of 7 HOON-EDITION Porsche 911 Turbo

Part 6 of 7 Hoon-Edition “Twerkstalion”

Photocomp 49

Photocomp Week 2 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 6 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 7 Winning Photo: and WIR Cover Photo 11/18/16

Photocomp Week 9 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 28 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 31 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 35 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 37 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 44 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 45 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 46 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 48 Winning Photo:

Photocomp Week 49 Winning Photo:

Aston Martian Vanquish

1970 Dodge Challenger

Ferrari F40

Ferrari 288 GTO

Ferrari La Ferarri

Ferrari 166MM

GMC Vandura G-1500


Jeep Willys MB

Lamborghini Veneno

Rolls Royce Dawn

Well there’s a familiar face. Welcome back!

Well… This is certainly unique! :stuck_out_tongue: Great photos all around!

its my version of Micro Machines… I love doing those shots !!

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I remember the green Challenger photos! Glad to see you again BV, and looking forward to more from you!

2003 Ford Focus

Ferrari 488 PO

Jaguar Project 7 HE


My Ferrari 488 GTB PO (NEW)

My Ferrari 488GTB PO

Two new paints… Morgan and the Bentley

Yea glad to see you here as well.

Week 2 Photo Entry

GMC Ventura 1500

First lets get this out of the way. While the very wide angle shots like second Fiat 500 shot might be funky and funny in your view. It is a different story for me, because personally it looks very cheesey. Now with that out of the way, let’s move onto something else and that is my favourite. Anyway here goes. After having another glance through your gallery, I have decided to pick this one as my favourite mainly due to the mood.

Yea it is cheesy, I dont do two hundred of them but I guess the wide fisheye shots are funny to me I just like to play around a bit. However I do do a lot of shots that I don’t post on here. I like to try different things and looking for new and different things to do.

Thanks for swinging by and I love when you do because you do give me great feedback and I love it. I also really like your work a lot and always have and always will.

1969 Datsun 2000 Roadster

Sight Seeing

I think it’s great that you’re taking photos to have fun. You should always do that. I really like the van shots as the van fits so well with the area. This is also very nice:

Its all about having fun. I love to take pictures of these cars. I also like painting pigs on everything!!! Racing comes after the fun.

GTA Spano

Love the shot of the exhaust, the carbonfiber is shining bright.

Thanks !!

Looks like you’ve been having a blast with the game?
Great to see you here, and I really like this close up/abstract,

Yea I love how that picture came out. But I don’t think I am good at doing those very close photos.

I am loving the game. Seriously this game is a lot of fun!!!

I agree with Sergi0 - the abstract shots work very well. I like the intricacies of the body work and you do a great job at capturing them.