G29 surpassing steering lock set in game causes wheel to lose FFB and become stiff

I play on PC and I have a logitech G29, when I played the game during updates 1 and 2 I would set the steering lock for say a formula mazda to 40% and if the wheel would reach the steering lock the wheel would simply not turnover but you could do it however it would be very stiff but if you’re back in the steering range it would be normal and you get FFB and everything.
However when I started playing again I realized that if someone punted me, if I spun out and reached the wheel lock the wheel would all of a sudden lose FFB and become extremely stiff, and it trying to center causes a lot of gear grinding that can be heard in the wheel. I have tried restarting the game, messing with my Logitech G HUB settings and adjusting steering lock on there and spring return however none of them would undo the wheel being stiff and my only solution is to unplug the wheel and plug it back in.
This is the only game that causes this issue and I’m not too sure why. To add insult to injury when this happened to me during a race I tried to unplug and replug the wheel during the race only for the game to crash when I unplugged it and ruined any chance of me even being able to race that race again.
I would love for you guys to look into this bug and see if you can fix it because I love the improvements made in the physics department compared to FM7 and to see this happen is making it hard for me to want to play again.