Fuel loads should be even across car divisions

Cars in the same division should all have fuel loads that are the same. It doesn’t make sense in a racing game that cars in the same division and class have fuel loads that vairy so much. As an example when using fuel of 2.5x on the track Le Mans full circuit the 2022 Pagani Huayra R has an estimated fuel load to allow 5 laps but the 2019 RAESR Tachyon Speed has 13 lap capability. This difference can have a huge impact on long races and is more realistic to racing series rules.

In this particular case, maybe the devs forgot to add in the fuel consumption multiplier for EVs? If you apply the multiplier to the Raesr, you get about 5 laps for that too…

I don’t believe that is the case.
Track = Le Mans full

Division = Modern Sport GT
2018 911 GT2 RS Forza Edition = 4 Laps
2021 911 GT3 = 6 Laps
2023 Corvette Z06 = 3 Laps
2022 296 GTB = 5 Laps
2017 NSX = 6 Laps
2017 Ford GT = 5 Laps
2018 Saleen S1 = 6 Laps
2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe Forza Edition = 5 Laps
2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe = 7 Laps

I have found that around Le Mans I can get 1 or maybe 2 more laps than the estimate but if you are in the Z06 and using settings that have fuel you are at a serious disadvantage. The fuel burn rate for this division is also set too low since the range is estimate at about 13 miles to 30 miles. If you look at the 1965 #1 Team Lotus Type 40 it gets an estimated 33 laps which is about 143 miles.

Division = Forza Proto-H
2020 Acura #6 ARX-05 DPi = 7 Laps
2021 Cadillac #31 DPi-V.R = 7 Laps
2023 Cadillac #31 Whelen V-Series.R = 9 Laps
2024 #5 Porsche 963 = 11 Laps

The 2 DPi match up like they should since they are from the same racing series. The 2023 Caddy and 2024 Porsche both race in the hyper car class and are required have similar range.

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