[FTI] ENTER THE GORILLA ~~ Horizon 2 Gallery~~ FURIOUS (04/01/15)

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Nice to see you here Gorilla, love the Vanquish shots and the second photo of the Huracan!

Just wow! All off them

My personal favourite has to be the third shot. Then again you must of expected that since I enjoy a good close-up shot.

Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated!

Great shots! Love the P1

Always need the Vanquish :slight_smile:

Fantastic stuff man!

There might be one or two shots I dont like but rest is up there with the best in Horizon, great work man

Loving those wet shots of the Lambo =)

Thank guys!!

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The first shot is gorgeous!

The Jag in the alley and the SRT Jeep are the two stand outs for me. Awesome shots!

I think the last shot would make for a good contest entry.

Thanks Pebb, Viper, and iHomie

That Viper shot looks awesome. The amount of exposure seems to be just right.

Great shots as always Gorilla