ExtraGazelle's Gallery / Update: 9-7-'15 / Mafia Beamer

Hello all,

I’ve really been enjoying taking pictures in Horizon 2, and I would like to show you some :slight_smile:

EDIT: Heh, just noticed that I always take pics from the left, I’m going to try some other angles soon.

Nice photos!

This one I like the most.

Thank you very much!

I had some time extra today, and decided to snap some more car pics.
Hope you like em :slight_smile:

I love the R34 shot, and the S-class looks classy.

I really like this shot, and you have a great start to your gallery. Just a little constructive criticism that might help, I see you already experimenting with different angles which is great, however the shot I quoted imo would be perfect if the car was fully in the shot. Great work though I am looking forward to more!

Thank you, I really like the R34 pic as well.

Thank you very much,
That was one of my first pics in Horizon, so I didn’t really know what I was doing. I’m going to retake that shot with a different car soon, using your advice.

My next entry will probably be a Japanese car, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

Great start to your gallery Gazelle!

Thank you, great to hear that from you! :slight_smile:

Anyways, like I said before, I said i was going to do some pics of a Japanese car,
Quite easily, my choice was the beautiful Lexus LFA, one of the prettiest cars ever produced in Japan. (in my opinion)

EXTRA: I really liked the lighting in this picture, so I thought I would include it;

2nd shot is great! I would advise you to use aperture in that kind of shot, you’ll get a nice “pop”.

I agree with what Homie said, great set.

Really lovely set you got here! Nice to see a fellow beginner in the Forzatography mix! The most recent batch of Screenshots you posted are fantastic, from the action to the position of the cars compared to before! Looking forwards to seeing more.

Great stuff!
This is my fave so far

Thank you, and I’ve tried it in some shots, it looks great!


Thank you, I am currently experimenting with alot of different kind of shots, hoping to find my own style. So that’s why you might see some ‘interesting’ shots sometimes :slight_smile:

Thank you, I really like it too!

And here we are again, a new update.
I’ve chosen the great Ferrari 288 GTO (mainly because I’m too poor to buy any different Ferrari’s lol)
I really enjoy driving it, since it does have quite a nice speed to it and it’s really grippy.

I’ve also been trying some new effects;

Some great snaps once again there! The GTO is a very photogenic car so no shame in having it as your sole Ferrari.

The first and second ones are definitely my faves out the bunch you’ve posted. The night scene plus the camera’s angles are brilliantly done.

Thanks man, really appreciate it.

I’ve been playing around with the lighting a bit today, let me know what you think!

(Battlefield called, they want their sunglare back lol)


The first photo and the last two are all great!

I lost it at the battlefield sun glare lol

Great improvements already!

You two recent sets are fantastic.

This is my favorite, I really like the effect you achieved in this.

+1, what he said.