TheSeer81's Gallery Updated [27/08/15]

Hello everyone,

I’ve been doing Horizon 2 shots for about a month now and had a blast doing it so far. Photocomp41 was my very first competition. Unfortunately for me, no-win. Maybe 42, who knows. Anyway, here some of the shots I got so far; hopefully it will catch some eyes :wink:

Don’t hesitate to share and comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Took that one today.

Nice shots! You definitely have a creative eye!

Thanks Lethal, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


^^ Totally agree, and really like this classic style shot,

Thanks guys, very much appreciated.

…and two more!

Great start to your gallery mate!! Really like the Birdcage shot but the Aventador takes the cake for me great shot!!

Thanks mate! Love your work as well!


you are off to a good start. keep it up

I really like this!

Feedbacks are appreciated, as always :slight_smile:

My favourite from your last few sets has to be this one.

Some others.

Those last two are fantastic!

quite lovely indeed

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Excellent set Seer!
The Ferrari B&W is great, it’s a shame that the watermark is where it is. Did you know that you can move it from corner to corner with th Rb button?

Sergi, I didn’t know that! Thanks for pointing it out; will most definitely be helpful in the future!