AndyBrennan96's Photo Gallery

Thought I’d start sharing my photos from Forza Horizon 2.
The whole game is incredible, graphics, cars, everything; I love it.
The photo mode is amazing as well, one of my favorite parts since I’m an automotive photographer.

I’ll try to update photos everyday, if not, every other day.
Anyways, on to the photos that I’ve taken so far.

Mmmmm, a nice start, personal favourites - Viper shot in wet, jeep in darkness and the first VW one. Keep them coming, horizon 2 is a beautiful game :wink:

Thank you! It’s hard deciding my favorites, but always curious to see the favorites of others.

I definitely won’t be posting as many as the first post, will probably only be a couple at a time…
Anyway, here are a couple more from last night / earlier today.

Out of both shots I prefer shot number 2.