GlennTheBeard.....Starting to dabble in photography

Hi Guys,

I am new to the Forza forum, but have been playing since Forza 2. However, I had never dabbled with the photography aspect of the series until Fast and Furious came along and with it Horizon 2 to my collection. The effort in capturing the promo cars every time a ‘camera car’ came motoring past got me into the bug of taking a few pictures here and there. I am looking for new locations all the time and am welcoming of any ideas for shoot sites that would suit my penchant for fiddling with the settings to get more abstract images… Here are a few of my early efforts…a few ropey ones, granted, but a couple I am quite chuffed with, if i’m honest…

Quick Storm Island Jump

My Wife's colour choice!

Playing with sepia tones

Bit of sunset

storm island moonscape

Bit of fun

original forza action

more moonscapery

Any thoughts/suggestion/locations/cars that will be more photogenic or liveries I should look into please feel free to comment…

skyline airport

Really like the way the horizon follows the lines of the car here

charger rain


lambo sun

Love the droplets on the carbon fibre here

p1 close up

any bigger?

full charger







more moonscapery
This is really cool :slight_smile:

+1 Awesome!

This shot is really good!

I must recommend downloading your shots and the hosting them on Flickr! (: