FTC | Viper's Den | September 21st | Big Three Finale - Vantage - The Crew

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Forza Horizon 2 Gallery
Forza Motorsport 5 Gallery

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Official Photocomp Wins

Photocomp 2

Photocomp 4

Photocomp 5

Photocomp 10

Photocomp 12

Photocomp 14

Photocomp 19

Photocomp 20

Photocomp 31

Photocomp 36

Photocomp 38

Photocomp 40

Photocomp 41

Photocomp 45

Photocomp 53

Community Photocomp Wins

Winning photo in Connectz’s Corvette vs Mustang Photocomp

2nd Place in ceelint’s Unicorns DON’T Exist Photocomp

1st Place shots in vProCar’s Zonda Italiano Photocomp

Tied for 1st place with The Snooty One in Connectz’s 1967 Ford VS Ferrari 24 Hours of Le Mans Photocomp

Tied for 1st Place with vProCar in TheSnootyOne’s The Stig’s Digital Cousin Photocomp

1st place in PTG Coops’ Cover Car Photocomp

Four way tie for 1st in HD 90 RickyBoby’s F&F Photocomp

2nd Place in PTG Coops’ Hidden Stars 2 Photocomp

Forza Horizon 2 Wins


The sheer volume of greatness is amazing in here…

I came in late but wow!

That said, this is my favorite…

Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, however you’re doing it!



This is everything I’ve taken so far starting with photos from the demo.

Hope you enjoyed :slight_smile:


Erm, you can’t just grab a screeny of a real life GT race and slap a Forza watermark on it… That’s cheating.


Oh yesss. That night shot is something i wouldn’t mind having on my wall :slight_smile:

Great Shots and a great start! Perfect! :smiley:

I feel the first shot would of looked better with a lower exposure and a higher aperture. But with that said, my personal favourite has to be this one.

LOVE that first night picture.

Nice shots Viper

Hi there, great shots… Just one question, do you edit your pictures after you take them on the game?

Very nice! Great work and perfect start;

Holy [profanity] Viper, amazing shots! Looking forward to seeing more goodness!

Great start KV, amazing shots as always

Woah… I can’t say words… Too good! Seriously, very amazing.

Thank you everyone!

xJL10 - All stock :slight_smile:

Viper, this is an astounding start to your gallery. And hey, not to shabby with that backfire of the Huracan

Those GT shots are on point, very nice

Also this is nothing short of spectacular…

Absolutely stunning start to the gallery! I’d point out my favourites but there’s just way to many that leave my jaw on the floor :smiley:

Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us next.

I did enjoy viewing these. Awesome stuff.