"Fruit Salad" combo

If anyone has an inclination, please keep an eye out for items that give the Fruit Salad combo

it was in H3 but only one specific smashable thing, then it was fruit and veg stalls all over England in H4

I wasn’t sure Fruit Salad was in H5 but apparently it is - just it’s . . . weird . . . @BurmaEK put me on to one:

knocking over a speed zone camera post - but it turns out not for a speed trap post

then while randomly checking locations for “Road Open” items I got another “Fruit Salad” but not a speed zone post, so I looked into it

in some locations there are objects that look like half a bonus barrel, they’re blue, have handles, and contain rope as far as I can tell - these also give the combo

anyone noticed any others?!

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Fruit salad can be achieved by hitting the speed zone pole

thanks - that’s what I mean by speed zone camera post

I know some of them are obvious but does anyone have a full list, as this one https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/articles/360022456853-Forza-Horizon-Skills-A-How-to-Guide only covers some of the smashable skills, but I know there are others missing like:

  • Smashing the terracotta pots results in “Feet of Clay”
  • " Wrong Number" is for smashing a payphone.
  • “Cart Wheels” i think is for smashing the fruit carts.
  • “Skillboard” for billboard
  • “Ant Food” for smashing Picnic Table
  • “Oh No!” for the Evil Cactus
  • “Smactus” - Hitting Cacti
  • “Road Open”
  • “Give it Charge” Solar Panel
  • “GOALLL” soccer ball
  • “Bonus Barrel” Barrel
  • “Keep it Up” Beach Ball
  • Trashman/Binman has been renamed to ‘Basurero’ in FH5

I am working on it, worth posting but busy with other things right now

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here are the stunts for hitting objects that I’ve found

ant food (picnic table)
basurero (rubbish bin)
bonus barrel (oil drum)
cart wheels (food stall)
feat of clay (plant pot)
fruit salad (speed zone camera post, blue rope-containing bag)
give it charge (solar panel)
goooaaalll!!! (football)
keep it up (beach ball)
landscaping (fence)
lumberjack (lump of wood)
road open (small red/black striped signpost)
skillboard (advertising hoarding)
smactus (cactus)
spike! (volleyball)
throwing shade (parasol)
wrong number (telephone)


I think there’s also Strike! for hitting the bowling pins. It’s occasionally in freeroam when the stunt park is available; also in the cross country circuit that goes through the stadium.


yes, it gets a bit complicated there, pinatas have one too, don’t they? the listed ones are all in free roam so in any mode - I think - but it is worth listing others, too

issue is going through the modes to determine which ones they’re in . . . actually doing an eventlab might show the others (non free-roam) fairly easily

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