Friend's Drivatars Completely Overpowered?

One guy on my friends list casually played Forza 5 and didn’t even bother to pick up Forza 6. Yet, his Drivatar is in every single player race on Forza 6. And it’s completely OP compared to the rest of the drivatars, sometimes it’s too much for me and I finish a distant second. That Drivatar drives nearly perfect, like it was on unbeatable difficulty or something. And it’s not the same issue as that one drivatar that pulls away, I can usually catch up to that one if my friend’s Drivatar gets bogged down at the back of the pack. But when my friend’s Drivatar pulls ahead of me, I have no chance. I play on Highly Skilled btw.

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Well Thanx turn10 for finally delivering the game racers waited on! However I am not a bad racer because of that my driveatar is not to bad. Now because you made them op in racing on my friends career they don’t want to play the game delete me etc. way to go ! :smiling_face::+1::+1: