Free Roam and Race Track Questions

The first question I have is about the Free Roam. Is there a way to get rid of all the cars running around in Free Roam? I want to test out my cars at the long straight road next to the airport but would like to know if I can get rid of all the cars in Free Roam. That way, I can drive without hitting all the other cars in Free Roam.

My second question is about all the race tracks in the game. After you finished each race, is there a way to restart the same race using a different car? It seems like every time I want to restart the same race, I have to drive all the way back where the race start. I do see a Restart option after the race but it will not let you change to a different car. You have to use the same exact car. I guess if you have to drive all the back to the same race track if you want to use a different car.

Thanks for any advice!

One of the options in the skill perks is instant travel if you open that particular perk no more having to drive to a destination you can instead use instant travel and get there in seconds you of course gain no credits or XP but if you want to get from one side of Australia to the other it’s a must have.

Yeah, you either have to drive back or fast travel to start again with a different car. If you haven’t found all the fast travel boards, fast travelling costs credits.

And you can’t get rid of traffic. There’s a lot less traffic at night, though.

If you create a bucket list and set it to no traffic, you’ll be able to test out your cars in a free world.

Thanks everyone!

Here is a YouTube video of a player who is using that long road next to the airport with no traffic at all. It’s either he got really lucky that day or he used the Bucket List.

When you use the Bucket List, can it be any Bucket List or do you have to use the closes Bucket List next to the airport?

You could use any bucket list. But since bucket list have a time limit(30 mins I think), it’s better to use one close to the testing location.

Great and thanks!

I just got it to work. Too bad after the bucket list race, there is no Replay video but at least you get to test drive your cars the way you want. Pretty nice feature.