Framerate drops on Xbox One S

On ONE S I see noticeable fps drops in Forzavista (most notably the outside of the house ones) and some races. The worst offender has to be the Showcase in Winter where the closer you get to the train the worse game works but it happens in regular races too. One time the sudden drop of FPS/stutter made me lose control of my car. I know it’s just old Xbox but would like it to be resolved. FH3 always looked and worked amazing.

I have massive stutters too. For me it’s all over the place on an Xbox One X. Really really annoying.

Don’t get your hopes up. These micro freezes happened in FH3 too and were never fixed. This is twice I’ve paid for the ultimate edition and been burned. If they don’t fix it in this game, I’m not buying the next game at all.

What is interesting is that the requirements were lowered on PC, which means FH4 is better optimized than FH3. Yet on regular/S Xbox One FH4 is looking and working worse than FH3 did. I don’t expect it to run at 60 fps or anything but at least it should keep those 30 fps rock solid. Forza games were always having rock solid framerates on Xbox consoles…