Forzathon wrecking ball glithed?

The new forzathon, i use a tuned GTR 73 which is a cult classic car.
I got lots of wrecking ball skill announcement, I recount again and again, and i’m sure I already got more then 20, but the forzathon page still show it’s not finished.
I change a 2000 GT-R,still doesn`t work.Does anyone have the same problem?

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My tuned 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R worked fine. There must be some other reason why its not working for you.

I used the 73 GTR an it didn’t work for me either,time to try something different.

The 72 Volvo worked for me.

72 Volvo? Do you mean the 67 123GT Volvo? The 73 GTR didn’t work for me.

72 Volvo 1800E.

Just to be sure, you’re getting wrecking ball, not wreckage skills?

I couldn’t quite seem to get this to work with any Cult Classic cars I had significantly modified (upgraded or tuned). No matter which of my favorite Cult Classics I chose, the progress meter in Achievements never showed any Wrecking Ball skills after I performed (and even banked) them. This was even after fully restarting the game and doing a hard reset on the console.

So I decided to choose a completely stock/unmodified Cult Classic from my garage … in this case, the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette … and they began tallying immediately (just a little tougher to get each, since the car is slower). I had the achievement within 10 minutes.

It may technically be a glitch, but I think heavily modified cars keep it from tracking. Try with a stock Cult Classic and I suspect you’ll be fine!

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Wrecking ball is a series of “wreckage” skills one after another… it certainly seems to need more than the chain of 3 suggested in the FAQ… I did the same an SNE the lamps on the edge of the runway… took about 4 passes up and down to get the achievement to pop…

I had to use a standard '67 Volvo 123GT as the Tuned Meyer Manx wasn’t counting although it did for Street Races…

I used a Jeep Wagoneer and it worked.

Well… I use the same car, no luck so far… I guess I’ll stop and wait a while, maybe the servers will awake

just try different cars till you get it to work…have the achievements app snapped so you can see when 1 works
try them stock as it seems going by comments that upgraded cars sometimes arent working
there’s been issues with DLC cars in the past not registering within their categories as well

My Capri is in S1 and my GTR is in A class and both worked.

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I just did this last night. It was fairly straight forward. Just make sure that you are seeing “WRECKING BALL 1100”.

It’s easier if you find a field with fences, and just drift back and forth across the fence in different areas. The more objects that you can hit at the same time, the better.

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Wow, just incredible. Unbelievable. New management needed at T10/PG

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Great… At least now we know

I don’t know what is more sad. That fact that I spent 2 hours on this stupid event to no avail, or that I had to come to the forums to find out why?
These last two Forzathons have been absolute garbage and I hope devs learn from this instead of just ignoring the issues.

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+1, I also spent a couple annoying hours grinding out Wrecking Balls in the Cult Classic GTR wondering why the award would not pop and finally checked achievements only to find that I had the achievement just no reward and I had to search the forums to find out why?!? We should be able to see a progress counter on the challenge screen so we can at least monitor progress like NFS '15 does with their weekly challenge. And some sort of crawler to let us know it’s bugged (just like last week) so we’re not wasting so much time grinding for rewards that will never pop. Sheesh.

The reward is xp so you probably didnt notice you even recieved it

Look at the achievements app and you can see your progress
This gets said at every forzathon