Forzathon wrecking ball glithed?

Its Definately Glitched,

So Far here are all the cars i have Done!

1973 Skyline - 22 Wrecking Balls
1969 Fairlady - 26 WB
1972 Reliant Supervan - 18 WB
1967 Sunbeam Tiger - 23
1971 Skyline - 17
Morgan 3-Wheeler - 22
and i just got done with 53 Corvette at 18

RIP To Me i guess

So you tried every car that it doesnt work in
All the ones in the list that was posted on Friday not to use
It seems to be all the dlc and barn finds
Try using a car from the base game

Worked for me with the Capri.

I had the same problem then I got into the Corvette and I did it in 10 minutes after spending about two hours I was so mad I didn’t understand it I set there and counted them I had like 30 but yeah I changed out into the Corvette then it worked fine