Forzathon World Tour Reward Xbox

I completed all the steps but did not receive the reward car. I am used to doing the challenges twice (annoying) but neither that nor any of the other suggestions on this site worked. I took a screenshot that shows all steps completed if it is needed.

Did you check the first step had registered before carrying on regardless with the following steps?
What is the first challenge? Quite often people don’t read the conditions.

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Hasnt the world tour pt 2 finished now

Yes all three dots were marked only the final reward was left empty. I have done plenty of them to know whether the 1st one was done or not. I find all the problems with this title fatiguing.

I’ve included a screenshot.


Will someone from Turn 10 actually read this and take action?

Once the achievement pops go back into Forzathon to get the reward car

The achievement didn’t pop. I must have ran that last challenge more then 10 times, next race, restart race, restart game, hard reset console. Nothing happened. Like I said I am used to doing it once, (achievement pops) and then do the challenge again to actually receive the reward. Nothing worked. Plus I shouldn’t have to resort to tricks to make it work in the first place.