ForzaRC 2018 Series 1 - Weeks 7 & 8 (Round 4)

Round 4 is the last set of events in Series 1 before the June Playoffs:

May 14-16: Qualifier Rivals 4
May 19: Saturday Ghost Races
May 20: Sunday Heats
May 23: Wednesday Showdown races and broadcasts at Noon and 6pm Pacific

ForzaRC 2018 Qualifier 4

  • Model = Honda Civic '15, Rental Only (stock)
  • Restrictions = Off: Line/STM/TCS/FA, Braking: ABS on or ABS Off, Steering: Normal or Simulation
  • Track = Watkins Glen Short Full Alt Day
    This event is open until 5pm Pacific on May 16. Must be registered to earn points and qualify for Saturday Ghost racing, see
    The participation reward is “Honda Driver Gear” per the May Content Update announcement.^

Edit - track was corrected after screenshot

Is it me or did they take down the Watkins Glenn rivals event?

Edit: Based on handbook it looks like they used the wrong track. Lmao.

Edit 2: Correct Watkins Glen is up.

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for me too !

And based on the handbook it should be the full alt track not the short alt…

EDIT: It’s back now with the right track…

front wheel drive is not one of my strengths, but I do like the track. now if I can just figure out the speeds for a few of the turns i can run a good time. right now i am sitting at 2:07.4xx my goal is the mid 06’s

Opposite for me. My only problems are as usual is consistency and a few of the last 4 corners. These 4 corners always give me trouble no matter the class or how good my car may be. Prior to that I am ghost for ghost if not slightly ahead of a 2:05.5 time. Just a matter of time before I hit that time. Right at 60 laps logged so far and may take 100 to get there…which is a lot of laps just to iron out consistency problems.

I may need to switch controllers permanently. The brake trigger doesn’t always feel the same every lap.

Me too! I prefer RWD, it’s a little difficult for me to keep a good grip when I come out of a corner. I spent two and a half hour to get 2:06.9xx from 2:07.2xx…! I don’t think it’s enough to qualify but i’ve done my best.

Same for me but with the throttle trigger too, i reduce a lot the vibrations but i still have this feeling.

Took a while to realise this, but this little honda acts like it has an open diff, the less loaded tire gets the power, this will spin the inner unloaded tire coming out of corners, you add throttle it only gets worse. Fine line betweeh torque steering out and losing all momentum. Slow in fast out is exaggerated with this event.

For those who do qualify the biggest shock will be going from this car to an LMP then 15 laps at Indy, will be intense.

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It’s for this kind of things that I’d have liked to qualify…

But as they’ve (unfairly) judged that was a good thing to go down to 120 the number of qualified for EMEA and NA… I’ve never been able to go to the ghost races…

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I feel you … I would’ve made every top 400 …

Was lucky enough to make the first one with the C7R, started 9th and made my way to 5th before nerves kicked in … It was a nice experience my forat ever Esport race. If anything I’ll walk away from this championship a better player overall, starting I was on average 3+ sexonds off the top 10 pace, now within 1.5-2.5 so hoping to make a few before it all ends

For me it’s the first championship i’ve ever done in a video game… I made my first top 400 EMEA in the Rivals from 16th to 18th April, just when they bring down to 120. Since then, I’ve improved myself… in Rivals from 30th April to 2th May i was around the top 250 EMEA, and now, i reached the 132th place EMEA - 233th overall (at 5:50 am) in the current Rivals Qualify so it’s a bit frustrating for me. But who knows… maybe in the second series… :slight_smile:

Well I’m calling it quits for this event. Barely in the top 100 but doubt it’ll last. Hit the 100 lap point and it’s literally just repeating the same lap time over and over again. My goal was to top 100 due to car, but I may come short of that and a top 24 seed.

Pretty sure the event will be closed by the time I get home tomorrow, else I’d try a 10 lap shoot out.

Overall mildly disappointed in where I am given that low classes are more of a strength though I did improve some on the trouble corners. And I think I’ve solidified where I’m at in NA…consistently quick enough to manage around top 35 via rivals no matter the car but not fast enough to always make top 24 via races or do well enough in top 24 races. Not a bad spot to be in but slightly annoying to always being just a few tenths off. It’s a dirty tease. Lol.

i had exactly one hour of free time today to take a shot at hitting my goal. I raced against raceboys ghost which was at 2:06.8 at the time, and after an hour of going around in circles I finally beat him. got down to my goal time of 2:06.6 and I think that will be good enough to be in the later lobbys so I can get some sleep on Saturday. so happy it wont be a repeat of 2 weeks ago.

so i guess the lobbies are just random after 24th. I always assumed 25th-72 got the later lobbies and 73-120 got the earlier lobbies, so I guess ill just do my best.

It’s seeded based on fastest to slowest. If you chart it out, you’ll be able to predict your lobby.

Last I checked I was 20th in NA and I figured I would be in lobby 5 with the 5th fastest guy. I shoot for 24 or better because that’s a top 4 seed and typically better odds of doing well. I try to avoid 24th because you’ll be in a lobby with the #1 guy

When and where will we get the invites for the ghost races if we’re participating?

Saturday at 2:30pm central. Race time isn’t listed yet but last week lobby 4-6 in NA had a start time of 2:30pm central. Generally NA starts at 12:30 pm central for lobby 1-3 but there could be delays. NA is I believe the last region to race on Saturdays. A major delay for EMEA for example can screw up the entire day. This has yet to happen though. You’ll have to refresh the gfinity page throughout the day to check for updates.

Invites go out anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes before 2:30pm central. Race starts 10 minutes after or 2:40pm central.

The lobby host (currently not listed but will be) will send you a friend request prior to game invite. Most of the lobby hosts have randomly generated gamertags from Xbox.

Expect to be done around 3:45-4pm central.

Thanks Swerve

so are you saying that I had it backward and its the later lobbies that are 73-120?

Sorry I didn’t explain it well. 120th plays in lobby 1 with the fastest guy, 119 = lobby 2, 118 = lobby 3, 117=lobby 4, 116 = lobby 5, 115 = lobby 6, 114 = lobby 1, etc.

Or at least that’s how the top 30 are seeded. Lol. I’m assuming the pattern is consistent throughout.

Yw. Its at 2pm central