“Drive your team to victory. 8 Supercars. 1 Epic Adventure. Fueled by you.”
“In September, join eight teams of gamers as they take on Europe’s best roads—Forza Horizon 2 style. Prepare to pick a team, hit the gas, and start earning #FORZAFUEL to unlock exclusive rewards.”

From September 5-16 choose one of the eight teams to register for Forza Fuel. All entrants receive an exclusive livery in both FH2 and FM5, and you’ll be entered into random drawings for a console bundle grand prize or copy of Forza Horizon 2 depending on team rank at the end. Participate in fan challenges listed below to boost your team’s challenges. See http://www.xbox.com/en-US/forzafuel/terms for the full details. I’ve put the event dates and deadlines on my www.bit.ly/ForzaCalendars
You can change your team choice up to the September 17 deadline.

FM.net Announcement article

Smosh Games - The web’s hardcore nerds deliver Smosh Games and their off-the-wall humor to #ForzaFuel.
Fear Crads - Fast cars & #ForzaFuel from this commentator turned pro gamer.
ChampChong - Fresh from down under, and ready to take pole position.
VintageBeef - A Forza veteran hoping to leave his competition in a cloud of dust.
Denis Hardi - From the 6 ‘craziest part-time loonies’ on the web, it’s Hartwig.
Outconsumer - Dream team of two, Outby11 brings double trouble to the grid.
Sup3r Koner - Seriously funny and serious about leading his French team to victory.
SurrealPower - Feeling right at home and racing on home turf. Forza Italia!

Teaser vine: https://twitter.com/ForzaMotorsport/status/505385660883415040
This image was shown at the end of the Forza section of the gamescom briefing:


I wonder if this links into Forza Rewards? It’s interesting to say the least, both in game and real world rewards.

Also the footage they showed at gamescom looked so awesome.

Sounds like a promising new flavor of Mountain Dew.

It almost sounds like a promotional event using real supercars on European roads as a preview of the game.


Sounds interesting. I am interested to see how I will be able to “prepare to pick a team, hit the gas, and start earning #FORZAFUEL to unlock exclusive rewards” from the comfort of my couch.

Same here

I’m confused, how do I get into this, or how do you even do this when you dont have forza horizon 2? (and how do I choose a team?)

Did you check the link and read all the information on that official announcement page?

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hey um sorry for the late quote but this post I could not find in my posts. but Yes I did look at the link and official announcement page and it only says when it is happening NOT how you can enter. on any site on xbox or vine/twitter so… and the OP did not help. would really like to know how to enter

Cool! Is this available for everyone in the world? Because the link sends you to the american website, just wondering if i as a dutchman can still take part in this

I would say most likely, but there is almost no information on the page including differentiating whether the event takes place within game or on real roads of Europe.


We’re getting some really cool cars lined up for this, can’t wait for us to tell you more!

Anyone from here at games com btw? :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to hear! Wish I was there… only there virtually.

This is the kind of thing we’re just gonna have to wait for specific information on. Speculating is just going to drum up false info.

But my guess is that it’ll be community driven, hence the hashtag; you have to take part in order to get the rewards. I’m curious about what this could be. Unless I’m mistaken that countdown puts it at Thursday, August 28th at midnight, aka the cusp of Thursday/Friday. But those exclusive rewards have my interest piqued.

Sounds to me like this is the demo for Horizon 2. With community unlocks for the full game, sort of what Kinect Sports Rivals did.

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It would be great if that’s how it all played out. I’m hoping that if it is demo based, it would also be open to 360 based participants… Some games have massive community goals which when completed give a small bonus to all players, which would be nice as well.


From today’s Week in Review:

“In less than two weeks, #ForzaFuel kicks off. Join eight teams of gamers as they take on Europe’s best roads in some amazing supercars, Forza Horizon 2 style. You’ll be able to pick your favorite team, follow their progress, and earn cool rewards in the process. We’ll have more on #ForzaFuel soon but, for now, check out the official site.”

It’s like the road trip they did for Horizon, but this time it’s kinda interactive. I think it’ll be like a fantasy race team deal. You pick a team at the start, and depending on how well they do in challenges etc, depends on your rewards for picking that team. Seems logical. Plus i suspect just like last time, it’s an excuse for Xbox employees to be paid for hooning around in supercars for two weeks! lol

It sounds interesting, especially exclusive rewards. Hopefully whatever you get from this you can choose the platform it goes on. I want Horizon 2 on the XB1, but I don’t own one yet.

If someone knows any of these, or when the info comes out if anyone can answer these questions: Can someone explain what #ForzaFuel is? I don’t really understand. Can you play? Do you watch? Is there a certain place to watch? If so, where? Please answer.