Forza Xbox 360 remasters

How about the developers give us a FM 2-4 remaster or at least the standard X360 versions on Gamepass, with AutoHDR and 4k upscaling, all that jazz?

I miss the X360 versions so much and would be incredible to relive those days on the Series X.

Can you do something about that T10? Those games really stood out as your best.

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I would love that too but I think the devs want players to play the new games, not the old ones. Then there is also the problem of licensing. If it has certain music in it or cars/wheels/bodykits that were only licensed for so long they simply are not allowed to sell it anymore. Not with that content anyway so they would need to strip a lot of stuff.


Not only that, but you’re also looking at track licences. And then trying to code the older stuff to the new game engine.

While it may be “fun” to think about, there’s two things to remember.

It MUST be “commercially viable” so you would need a huge chunk of sales, since prices for older “remastered” stuff couldn’t be at the same level as “new” versions, to make the commercial viability.

And nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.


T10 is not for “Blast from the Past”. It is sad, but true.

All the licenses expired. They cannot do this. My advice get a 360 and used disc copies if you really want to play them.

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