forza update

i’m having problems updating forza 5 on xbox one

it says there’s an update i need to install before i can play the game .
when i click install it takes me to a screen that says play game .
when i click play game it says i need to install update before i can play ,
it keeps doing this over and over and microsoft say its nothing to do with them !!!
can anyone help me?

stupid question: Have you tried updating front the, my games & apps utility, on the xbox?

I had the same issue today dude…

lost a whole day of Forza trying to fix the issue.

here is how to fix it:
take your disk out.
Go to your games and press the old start button on your controller (its got 3 lines in it) then go down to uninstall game, NOT where it says “inc all your add ons and save data”, you just wanna uninstall the game, …all your saved stuff is backed up on your cloud.

The forza picture of your game should dissapper.

put your game disk back in and it will install again, will take about 15-25 mins… let it load completely to 100%

then load it up and it will say that there are around 10gb of updates to install.

go for it this will take around 2hours

then once thats up to 100% your done inluding the latest update!

glad i could help! :slight_smile:

Yeah I have a similar problem. I didn’t see any updates but as of Friday I go to multiplayer and hit start and it goes to the matchmaking screen and never goes further. The icon spins for infinity…I need help

Is it just me? Or, is a 10GB game update a bit extreme? I have DSL unfortunately and it has been trying to update ALL DOG GONE DAY!!!

10 gigs is actually less than i would have guessed. just the on disk game is over 32 gigs. the updates include all game changes, every dlc car, and both new tracks.