Forza Tier Rewards

Hello everybody,

I want to play FM6 and I want to push my Tier Level with FM5 before I start it.

  1. In the scorepoints “cars owned” I need just 10 cars to get the maximum points. Can I buy 10 times the same car to get the points?

  2. I read here that you get for cars in your garage credits.
    50 - 199 cars in your garage = 100,000 credits
    200 - 299 cars in your garage = 1,000,000 credits
    300 or more cars in your garage = 5,000,000 credits

The same question. Can I buy 200 times the same car to get the credits?

I hope my english is not so bad.

Thanks all!

  1. Yes
  2. Yes

Because it’s the same ‘count’.

You can ‘boost’ it by buying the cheapest car.

Main problem is, for some it takes days, weeks, months until the car count inside the reward pages will be updated.

But maybe your lucky ^^

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Thanks for the answer.

I’m not everyday here but is it normally that it could take weeks/months to get the points?..

Yes you can!