Forza Scorpio! What if

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

i would like to discuss with you guys about what i think could be the future of Forza games!

with the upcoming of the Scorpio i think it would be awesome if they made the ultimate Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon games! i mean like one single Forza Motorsport game and one single Forza Horizon game with for example a paying content update each year and several free updates for whatever troubles needed fix or on demand content

wouldnt this have good potential as the ultimate racing game? like iracing or rfactor instead of having a forza 11 or forza 12 in a few years?

i would like to know what you guys think about it or your ideas and if i’m the only one that would like this?

may the forza be with you :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that something like this would be fantastic, but car manufacturers don’t like this method.

If their reasoning for letting Forza showcases their NEW MODEL YEAR vehicles, they definitely would not want the 2017 version showing up the 2018 model, on things like looks or performance numbers.

Hyundai has known about how this game can bring market recognition to their products, since Forza 4. I am living proof that they realize this. With other manufacturers starting to catch on that Video games are the perfect platform for promoting their products, and Forza being the top Console racing game you can buy, (you can’t buy Gran Turismo Sport or GT7) who is going to get these great opportunities… That’s Right Forza Team.

I think that the episodal approach, with 2 years between Motorsport releases, and 2 years between Horizon releases, is a great amount of time for improvements to the game, the engines, and car models.

Scorpio can push that envelope further by getting us Higher resolution car models, and interiors, and likely more photogenic atmosphere and particle effects. In Horizon, getting 60fps from what is currently grunting along at 30fps, could be the breaking point for people confused on which console to buy. I for one will only buy an Xbox if Forza is good. I’m not interested in any other games.

That said I have not had an Xbox One in over a year. Sold it to pay bills, and when faced with the option to buy only ONE console, I bought the PS4 PRO, because I like 4K gaming.

I am back in the same predicament, with my only console being a 4 year old 360.

The question is, Will I get another PS4 PRO because of all the Digital games I own, or will I get a Scorpio, and just Play Destiny 2 and Forza 7…

Back on Topic, there are a few people that fit the same bill as me. In the market for a 4K console. I don’t think that Changing the format of Forza to a Constant build, with updates and Episodic content, will generate enough sales to get licensing for the 2018 Mercedes, and allow it to stay in the play cycle for 5 years. They are going to want a 2019 model, and then the 2020 model, while wanting the older models removed.

This is more work, and Less profit, than selling the game itself, Episodically.

Up until FM6 and FH3 I have liked the changes between games.

However FH3 and FM6 have left me with a feeling of where is the franchise heading.

So if the base game was good then you are locked into a good base game.

If it is not then you are locked in to a bad base game.

I am not talking about things that are likely to be patched in regular updates eg the PI system in FH3. While there are a couple of things they may have wanted to achieve with that PI system I believe most of the feedback has been negative. So if the PI system was not great in say the FH base game then what?

As I say locking in to a good base would be awesome, locking into a less than desirable base game would be disastrous.

I know some of it is personal preference.

@ Wonderpill - yeah the marketing side of video games may be an influence i agree, but still i would like to see something like this in the future cause buying a new game every 2 years that looks alot like all the other previous games is not cool…exception for Horizon series that have always made a good difference in my opinion

i only had an xbox one because i only play forza, no other racing games and only recently did i get a cheap standard ps4 from a friend so i know what you mean when you can only have one of the consoles, i dont own a 4K tv yet but i would like to in the future and also change to a ps4 pro and of course the scorpio but that will need savings :stuck_out_tongue:

as for forza i know its not perfect but as far as gameplay goes its the best racing game i’ve played, maybe because i’m not a fan of real simulation and im more confortable with the symcade feel of forza games, specially horizon 3 ^^

@ SatNiteEduardo - i see what you mean thats why i think it should change in some way, the gameplay of forza 6 is for me the best yet but in terms of content it just feels like more of the same

as for horizon 3 i think it innovates alot but yeah the PI system is broken…oh well we’ll see what the dev’s will do with Forza 7, im excited about it but im also afraid of what will come out :stuck_out_tongue:

Perpetual games are very difficult to pull off. The first thing that comes to mind is when major changes are required to the game engine. It is much less risky to create a whole new game to showcase a new game engine than it would be to update an existing game.

Example, the weather effects in FM6. If FM5 had been released as a perpetual game, then that means that every single player would get the new weather effects, whether they asked for it or not. And let’s say for argument’s sake that it was horribly broken and negatively impacted a large part of the car roster and race lists. Now you’ve got a severely broken game and millions of unhappy fans who can’t even revert to an older version from before the change was made.

Incremental releases allow each game to be its own little world. Each successive release can build or change the previous entry, but they don’t affect each other, which gives consumers a choice. If you take away that choice, you can end up losing your consumer base very quickly.

i suppose you’re right…i just wish we could have all the good stuff of all the games in one single game lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they provide a patch to make Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Horizon 3 run in 4K on Scorpio. They have done demos running it on Scorpio with the ultra-high graphics settings from FM6: Apex, so it is definitely possible.

If nothing else, we will hopefully see much better loading times and greatly improved anti-aliasing in these titles (FM6 has quite a bit of jaggies).