Forza rewards (not the usual)

Last night I redeemed my rewards, afterwards played a little FM7, claimed my daily drivatar credits, forza rewards and design credits.

This morning I started FH3, collected my drivatar credits, there were no forza rewards to collect. I launched FH2, FH, FM5, FM6, collected forza rewards in all those. Just now collected rewards for FM4.

I’ve never had one not show up like that, is that common, or sometimes a delay in different games, or is it I’m probably not gonna see them for this week in FH3?

yeh it has happened to many of us this week
only in fh3 though

it has happened before and they fixed it reasonably quickly, wonder if they will do the same this time
has it been posted in the support section yet

Happened with me too. Glad to know Im not the only one.

Ok, hadn’t experienced it before, so good to hear it not something that’s unheard of.

I also received FM7 gift rewards but did not receive gift awards for FH3. This has happened before for some players?

yes, it happened quite some time ago and only for 1 game, but last time they had it fixed quite quickly maybe it will get fixed Monday(their time) since they don’t work weekends
has anyone posted in support or tried contacting on twitter

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It’s now Monday and they STILL haven’t got this fixed. I don’t care if I already have 61 million credits and no other cars I want to spend them on. I am owed 425,000 credits this week and I want them like yesterday, or I am never buying another Turn10 product, ever again. The Developers are just being lazy and they don’t care that I have bought every game they have ever released, and I don’t deserve to be treated like this. I am seriously Offended.


Talby, did I get that about right?


Yep just about

Glad i have my 15 million with nothing to spend it on
They can always forget to send mine in fm5 and fm6 as well 100 million credits in each and nothing to waste them on…not even loot crates

Forgot the part about necking yourself lol ( someone posted similar in a previous thread on missing rewards )

Hasn’t been noticed by the looks of it
There’s no response to the thread in the fh3 support section eithwr

I don’t do social media and wasn’t concerned enough to bother support about it, just mostly curious.

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Add me to the list on that haven’t received there rewards yet.

Signed in awhile ago and mine had finally arrived, this was just before most recent were able to now redeemed.

Same here, the check must have got lost in the mail.


New week same problem. Redeemed rewards and received them in other games but not in FH3.

I got double last week ( 2 messages) when I never got them the week before , haven’t checked this week yet
not that I need them , have over 20 million with nothing to spend it on

Edit …never received the weekly credits in fh3 in my 5 different gamertags lol

Same here. Got them everywhere else but H3.

Still didn’t get fh3 reward this week claimed them on Friday

Same here. Claimed it on friday, nothing showed up-. Credits for tuning, uses etc. are working.

Last time i played, didn’t get my rewards either

Ditto, for 03/02 rewards, received for all games but FH3.

Another week same story. I never did get my rewards from last week at all. Now it’s a new week and same thing redeemed rewards and they haven’t shown up in FH3. What’s the story?