Forza reward cars question

Hello y’all. So my main account that had all my progress got banned from xbox live. I was tier 8 and have played every Forza game to date. Spent hundreds of hours on FM6 as it was my favourite. Shame all that got taken away from me but I decided to start another account and build my tier level up. My question is how long are the reward cars available for? I’m currently tier 5 and booted up FM5 but didn’t receive any reward cars. Will that be the same for when I start up FM6 again and Horizon 3? Are the reward cars limited time? I don’t want to build my tier level up again if thats the case. Any help or info would be appreciated!



I started FM6 as a tier 6 and no reward cars. Not even the bonus cash for previous games garage count. Seriously, does nobody here have any info regarding this? When does the reward cars limit time expire? If I was to pick up FH3 right now, would I get any reward cars or has the time gone?

Thought you had to use the same Xbox account FM4->FM5->FM6 to transfer paints and get reward cars. If your original main account got banned, what account are you using for FM4/FM5/FM6? Not seeing how anything could be linked in that case.

This, it has to be the same Gamer account in all games. You are now paying a price for getting banned.

He said he was tier 8 on the banned account and is now tier 6 on a new account which means he should get some cars when first firing up the games.

Exactly. I’m tier 6 on a NEW account, the old is long gone. With this one I’ve made progress to tier 6 and have 300+cars in FM4 and FH1. I made sure I had these before I fired up FM6. No rewards whatsoever. Will it be the same for FH3?
As for the guy saying I’m paying a price for getting banned, well, I got banned because some guy on gta got mad I beat him, so he insults me, I hit back. Thought nothing of it really, just banter. But he had to be a little baby and report everything. It was first ever offence too. Never do I or have I ever argued with anyone on XB LIVE.
Main point is I lost all my progress in my favourite game series, forza, because of some idiot on gta. And now I built my progress up again on a new account but not receiving any rewards.

I only started FM6 about 6 weeks ago and I got all my reward cars up to tier 6 as I was then. Also got VIP cars etc and 10 year anniversary pack cars.

I don’t know if you played any of FM6 once you got in game but you have to get to the point where you are awarded the loyalty cars. The same goes for FH3 however it took longer to get to the reward car screen for that. If you’ve been playing through and have no cars, then this is a bug and should be reported.


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I’m level 53. So I’m sure I’m beyond that point. First time around I remember getting the reward cars and money after the first series, first chance you get to leave into the menus. I didn’t get no reward cars for FM5 too and I was tier 4 at the time.
So I’m getting absolutely no rewards in any games. It’ll be the same in FH3.
I remember on my original account it used to say what reward cars are awaiting you ingame, in the forza hub. I’m not seeing anything like that this time around.
How do I report this? From past experience, all I remember is they give out automated replies saying how busy they are and can’t be bothered basically.