Forza RC Leaderboard at the Championship Website

I was lurking around the site for info and noticed that the leaderboard was posted. Says to tune in on April 16 for more.

Question: From looking at the leaderboard, how are the different TIERS determined? I’m guessing this is what makes the tournament interesting for all players of any skill to participate. I just think there is very little info available about the event.

I guess I’m just curious where I might fall in the whole mix. I know I’m not Pro or Semi Pro. Maybe Gold, Silver, Bronze??? I’m thinking Plastic :slight_smile:

Page 18 of the handbook!

The Official Handbook of the Forza Racing Championship

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So only the top 24 drivers in each region receive points in the regional races, interesting. I’m disappointed there aren’t any points for reaching the second round of Saturday ghost races which is what I was aiming towards. No chance for me to reach top 24 in Europe, the most competitive region by far!

Thanks! I never got to page 18. That’s what I get for thinking I was just playing a video game!

Where do you view the current leaderboards?

If you go to you’ll see a Leaderboards menu tab at the top, which links directly here:

Look for them to be updated after the Rivals Booster next week (either Sunday, or Monday April 16)

What’s the point breakdown for top 1000?

Who can actually earn points in Booster rivals? There is some mention of top 100 but how is that determined?

Neither of these were really clear to me in the rules.

However its totaled it’s obvious there is a bias towards rival times. I got to race on Wednesday and I’m still behind a few people who didn’t get to the top 12. Maybe I’m just a little bent by it but I really dont want to get beat out by people who time attack well but are a little less consistent with other actual people around


I check ForzaRC web site to see where i am in the leaderboard but nothing is shown. So i watched at Gfinity but i didn’t find my ranking… So how many drivers are in the leaderboard? And is there a simple way to find our ranking without browsing all the pages to read all the GT?

Search by your region first. That’s what I did to find my point total.

I’m actually ranked higher than I thought I would be 80th in my region and 404 overall. just four positions out of gold status. this just makes me want to work harder at having the quickest qualifying time that I can get.

Am I the only one who can’t log in on the ForzaRC Leaderboard page?

Each time, since a few days, I try, but there is a small window from Microsoft Account where it’s write “We’re unable to complete your request. Microsoft account is experiencing technical problems. Please try again later.”

It seems it’s not just you. I tried to log in on that page and got the same message. I rarely use the Forza RC Site except to watch the Showdowns. I usually just use the Gfinity site for Leaderboard and Handbook info.

They might be doing some maintenance on that page. The Microsoft login system seems fine, because I used it to login here. Seems it’s just that page.

Really disappointed in how little value the races have in this Forza “Racing” Championship. Made it to the Top 24 races and still behind people who did not. I’m by no means the fastest driver out there, but racing shows consistency and skill in it’s own right, that is way harder than hot lapping in my opinion.

Fun regardless, but not thrilled by how they’ve approached the points. Maybe they’ll change it next time.

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Yup. Just maybe. Would have definitely lit a fire up my bum to make time to practice the weekend before last. I should have challenged 3rd or 4th given the speeds I had practiced at with what practice I did have. The beemer race was supposed to be my points getter but ran off course just like the nascar race. Didn’t have much free time but definitely would have tried harder in practice if I knew points mattered. I think that’s why there are a lot of no shows. Folks don’t care.

Despite that it is fun. I wish they would just do a championship with racing as the major focus. I would love championship for each class. Would be neat to see and try.

I agree completely that’s the reason people no show for the races. I don’t think I’ll be putting any more time into the races as they have little bearing on the leaderboard. and they do require a time commitment on the weekends.

Nice time on the rivals this week, hopefully I can come close. These types of race cars aren’t my strong suit.

If you have time, try. I liked racing against you a good bit. I’m sure I’m not the only one. You seem to always been in close battles and perform better than qualification.

I really hope I have time this weekend. The races after the dreaded Indy car look pretty good. Then again the Indy car race may be wide open due to off course skirmishes or blown corners.

I’m actually surprised I’m where I’m at on the boards now in Indy car. I’m an E - C class guy so X class is out of my wheelhouse just like just about all race cars and most S class on up cars. This week has been less of a struggle though and I’m thinking it’s because I love Sonoma and some of the brake points are relatable to low class brake points. I also think some people were like screw this. Lol.

You’re not far off. 1 or 2 corners can net a second. Not much room for error so any error you can subdue will result in time gain.

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my personal favorite are LMP cars, and I was surprised at my ranking with this car. the only thing I struggle with are the random bumps throughout the course. I’m trying to get under the 1:20 mark and I am almost there. just a little bit more practice and I think ill get it

Must admit im disappointed with the way this competition is more of a hotlapping competition as my strengths are more towards non ghosted racing.

I have always found hotlapping to be very time consuming. For example I spent 2x30mins hotlapping sessions in the Indy car around Sonoma yesterday and managed a 1.17:7. I know for a fact if I spent many hours I would probably be in the 1.16s. However I would never be able to obtain a 1.14 like some are doing! I find this indy car very frustrating because the braking and traction out of the corners to be inconsistent.

You’re right, it is basically a hotlap comp. I have about 1 to 2 hours a day where I can hotlap and that is assuming I’m mentally fresh. Usually I’m not. I can stretch playing a few more hours to about midnight, but beyond 10pm I cannot focus. Yesterday I made some huge gains and was running parts of laps where I was in high 16s but only had time to do a 17 close to yours.

Unless you have blessed skills, it’s not an easy comp for older players due to life. I’m only 31 but I just don’t have the free time like I did in my college and early career ages.