Forza Motorsport Suggestion: Track Creation Tool similar to FH5´s eventlabs

I wish we had a track creation tool similar to FH5´s events lab or Gran Turismo 6 track creation tool, what you guys think of those?

  • Tool would be focused more on create circuits than create events like FH5, for exemple, instead of a big code tool have a good terrain tool instead

  • Possibility of create Road Tracks, Street Circuits, Ovals and Rovals (or a mix of those)

  • Connection with Bing Maps/TomTom/OpenStreetMaps for enhancement of tools and to help users in their track creations

  • Support for Sharing via Codes like in FH5 and maybe browsing online or in APPs

  • Posibility to create multi layouts on same track (leaving to user to select what layout he wants to playthe same way if is with non track creation circuits)

  • Possibility for easy and advanced tools so newbies and experienced people both can enjoy it

  • maybe have a AI layout generator for people that want to create their track but want some layout sugesstions or something like this

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