Forza Motorsport Closed Alpha

I just hope Turn10 can go the Flight Simulator route, by doing a closed alpha/beta sometime, so that besides getting MORE feedback from the community, it would make it easier to wait for the full game.


I agree that would be a good thing, but I don’t expect it. Simply based on the fact that they’ve never done it before.

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Esaki on twitter in june/may said they are or atleast were preparing public playtests

The only reason you send code to the masses is to load-test servers or test new netcode on a larger sample set…since Motorsports already has pretty solid netcode and you aren’t talking about 60-200 player games here, they probably don’t need to do this. It exposes their alpha code to leaks and scrutiny and in the end if it isn’t absolutely necessary, its just wasting money for the publisher/owner of the license.

Flight Simulator is where you need a million extra eyes to spot bugs in textures, meshs, I mean basically you need people in airplanes saying “yes this feels like an airplane” and everyone needs to look DOWN…“nope that building is on its side…nope the Grand Canyon is not in Ohio” etc…


In May Chris Eskai tweeted:
“with licensing issues it is difficult to run public playtests and we r working that.”

If they do move to the GAAS model, the game will be in continuous development for years. The point at which they onboard players is really up to whenever they have a core feature set in place. If they’ve got a solid foundation with the Forzatech engine, which they do, they could go through a process like pCars did with a limited number of cars and tracks and just continuously build out from that. I think access to early builds would be a great way to sell GamePass subscriptions. By continuously adding cars and tracks, you’ve got people checking back regularly for new content and features, extending the life of the game for casual players.

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Turn 10 released FM7 as an Alpha test on the 29th of Sept 3017. The only problem is, that was when people that preordered got the game.


Well, this sounds positive!

Is this actual news?

Please, please, please pick me!

I guess it’s news. Yes it’s true. I told these guys to sign up and all I got was grief…

I finished the survey but no confirmation on completing it. No email saying, “thank you for completing the Forza Motorsport survey on the next game. Stay tuned for close alpha test on the game.” or something.

The hope is real.

The initial survey when you sign up for the Forza Feedback Panel is not all there is. There is more to the program. I have been signed up since it was initially announced months ago and have received several surveys on different topics since then. Stay on the lookout for more surveys and feedback opportunities to come.

Weird…I signed up some months ago, but didn’t received any additional survey.
Also, when I heard about the chance to test the game recently, I went through the survey again with the same data, and no warning appeared saying I had already done that survey.

UNLESS they didn’t sent them to my preferred contact email (different from my microsoft account email) I’ve informed in the very survey…

I have yet to receive a survey in 2021. Last one was maybe November or December 2020 but I was too busy to bother with emails. Prior to that I completed multiple surveys. Most survey questions probably won’t have the questions you’re looking for but there are a few gems. Regardless of the questions, it was fun providing meaningful feedback.

Here’s to hoping we all get selecting for testing! :slight_smile:

Well according to game news sources around the web they sent out a small number of invites for the Forza M. 8 beta/alpha !!

Yes they did. They have officially confirmed that as well. There will be more rounds of testing in the future, but we still don’t know what the criteria is for being invited.