Forza Motorsport 7 endless loading in forzathon

I have recently just got a new PC so I downloaded the Forza 7 demo for PC as I have it on Xbox as well play a bit of it all working fine to be honest I cant remember if I touched forzathon during those sesions I purchase it on Thursday poroperly so now I have it digitaly on both xbox one & PC I go to do some forzathon races on PC version & all I get in the bottom right hand corner is the spinning loading circle I can move about in the forzathon menu move the curser up & down & exit the forzathon menu. So I thought I would try the Xbox One version same thing I have left it to load & my screen has eventualy turned dim & it is still loading so I have deleted them both from PC & Xbox One & now I am reinstalling them again to see if that does anything I am installing everything digitaly on PC but I have installed all DLC first on Xbox One & I am offline with Xbox One & installing it from Disc. I doubt any of it will work though. Is anyone else getting or had that issue with this game.

I must be stupid Forzathon is working on Forza 7 I have just completed a race. I assume the continuous loading is the game reading the servers or something but you would have thought that once it has loaded the screen it would not need to contact the servers again until you go out & go back in to the Foirzathon or to update the days left.