Forza Motorsport 7 Coming to Xbox Game Pass

We are thrilled to announce Forza Motorsport 7 is heading to Xbox Game Pass on October 8th!


Interesting, I guess with the next Motorsport coming to Gamepass, it makes sense to pop FM7 on there and see how it fairs numbers wise.

It’s certainly a no-brainer for the FH4 crowd that has never played a Motorsport title to download it for free and see whether or not they take to it, in readiness for the new game.

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Maybe you should have a word with NVIDIA, their second to last driver update made it that the game crashes when selecting a car, if PC players get the game with Game Pass Ultimate, they will blame the game and never buy your next one.



not sure how you can put this game on gamepass when it has not been updated in over a year and currently is unplayable with nvidia drivers

Disappointed to see after a long stretch due to the same issue the random disconnects after about 3 minutes in any multiplayer lobby still exists. Moving this to game pass seems to be a little pointless as its still needing alot of work. I have jumped through many hoops to get this to work and soon realised it was the game not my setup. Is there any plans to update or patch this game so its actually playable on pc or should i just uninstall and await the next title?

Finally I am able to post. I went out of my way and spent about 20 minutes trying to find somewhere where I could say how much this game sucks. What is the deal with not being able to upgrade any cars and race them in the career mode? I feel like I’m playing an arcade game I have to put quarters in. I want to buy a crappy car, upgraded the way I want, and then race it in a career race as part of the progression of the game.
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All I can do is play in free race, but what’s the fun of that? That’s not part of the progression of the game it’s not part of career mode it’s just like an arcade so who cares? Wow really?

Forza 7 is going to gamepass…ohhh snap.
That, my forza loving friends, can only mean one thing , forza 8 is imminent. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Is FM7 coming to EOL? Before FM8 released. The saga continues. I’m still playing FM4.

Am I going to rush out and buy FM7 before it goes EOL. Unlikely. FM4 seems to be revisited quite bit these days.