Forza 7 coming to gamepass

Going to need those marshals that are never around…

Great, I don’t need to buy digital version for now. I wonder what enhancements M7 gets with Series.

Great news for someone like myself who was distracted by other racing games at the time and then forgot about this one.

It seemed real strange to me that every other first party Microsoft game was on Game Pass except this one, especially since it kinda came and went without much fanfare or marketing. Even on PC where it was the first full fledged Forza Motorsport release. I was just talking to someone who was lamenting the fact that there was nothing like Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo on PC still, I know I basically forgot about it (still knew at the time), but he had no idea that FM7 was on there at all. I’m sure there’s more than just him, perhaps this will change that!

Turn 10 abandoned the game last year with an “end of life” patch, and it is still full of bugs now that will never be fixed… They couldn’t give a flying [redacted] about this thing, so why force it on Game Pass subscribers now?

We already get enough junk every month.

If Forza 7 is the first game that a new Xbox owner plays, they will refund and buy a Playstation 5 the next day.

If you were 13 years-old and had a choice of this 4 year old broken mess, or Gran Turismo 7, what would you honestly choose?

Turn10 are a joke and Playground are no better, breaking Horizon 4 with every new monthly update :confused:

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If your average 13 year old, has a choice of downloading a game for free (assuming they are already subscribed to gamepass) & buying a different console and paying for a different game, a lot of them are at least going to try FM7.

I think I’ve had a very different experience with this game than you - I have no experience of gran turismo at all, so can’t comment on the quality of that game. I have had and continue to have a lot of fun on this game, it works consistently for me, looks great - I don’t get all the negativity. Each to their own I guess.

I played and adored the first 4 entries of forza and have been enjoying game pass on pc. There hasn’t been enough preference for me personally to buy an xbox since the 360, so I was really pleased to see microsoft tie a connection with their pc community here. I’m really pumped to dive back into the series when F7 comes to the platform today.

I came here to see if a more specific time was posted for the release and good Lord you people posting here are whiney and insufferable. Maybe take a break from gaming or add a new hobby to your lifestyle if you’re that miserable. Have a good day.

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Nice whimper.

Yeah I’ve been waiting for this to come to game pass instead of buying it this time and I don’t regret that choice. I’ve been playing since Forza MS 4 and while cheaters have always been around, my biggest problem with Forza is they’ve never progressed towards being a legit racing sim game. So now cheating is basically ingrained into Forza’s racing experience. You play simulation you’ll get rammed off the road and dive bombed. You play ghost they’ll cut corners and go out of bounds because having a dirty lap doesn’t do anything to hurt their time. And yes finally they’re working on a regulations system now which is still in beta. But this is something other games have had for years. Meanwhile their “League” racing has none of these regulations, dirty times don’t matter and trolling goes unpunished. If it wasn’t for being a tune junkie and having so much fun tweaking a tune to perfection for each track to race in rivals where rules actually matter, I would have just switched back to Horizon. I didn’t buy FM7 cause I’m waiting for a legit league with proper matchmaking, regulations and ranks.

Lastly the other thing I’ve felt disappointed in is how streamlined our community storefront has become. Do you remember when you could have your own storefront? With all your custom tuning and livery designs all on one page under your name. People can visit your storefront and check out all your stuff, rate it and that would help promote your stuff. It was why people became such gear heads in this game. Like when you got a tune from Don Joewon Song you know you were getting something good cause he had the best reputation on his storefront. You’d think this aspect of the game would get better as years went on, not worse. Gaming technology gets better every year but since we’re dumbing down everything and streamlining mechanics so much we’re taking one step forward and two steps back with it. Hell the tuning storefront barely even works now cause half the tunes people create are corrupted and can’t be downloaded.