Forza Motorsport 6 Demo (Speculation)

At E3, Turn 10 had playable code of Forza Motorsport 6 on display, with a number of different car/track combinations (as well as night and rain races).

Not only was it playable on a special triple-screened rig, but there were standard Xbox One rigs set up as well.

What I am wondering however, is whether this or another setup will be available as a downloadable demo before launch?

My best guess is that whatever build they use at Gamescom will be what is available to the public, as that’s about a month before release.
Forza Motorsport 5 was a launch title, but as far as I’m aware all older Forzas did have a playable demo before launch.

Hopefully we hear something soon, would be good to get a taste of the game before release.

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If we do get a demo it probably won’t be the E3 demo tbh. But I’d be very surprised if we don’t see a demo altogether.

I reckon you’ll be spot on with the Gamescom demo if there is a demo, not sure it’ll happen based on current gaming trends.

Don’t see why they wouldn’t scrap together what they had at E3 to make a demo.

Would be nice, but we’ll see what happens.

Every other Forza (barring 5) had a demo so here’s hoping.

I expect a demo for Forza 6 but I don’t think it wll be the same as the E3 demo, but I don’t think it will differ too much either. I’m sure Forza 5 would have had a demo too if it wasn’t a launch title.

Never mind that, how many weeks until the demo? lol
The game launches in 8 weeks, or just under in the US. We normally get a few weeks of demo time, so it will likely be middle to end of august, that is mere weeks away! Time to get excited! :slight_smile:

Based on Microsoft’s standard practices, I would assume the demo to launch during Gamescom. Since this is the last major Gaming expo to hit before its launch, One could assume, that they attempt to steer the hype train, directly into your home, announcing the demo is available NOW, during their featured presentation of Forza 6.

Otherwise, assume the demo to launch around Christmas, taking a DRIVECLUB attempt to woo gamers with a Free or cheap version of Forza LITE. This would basically provide JUST enough of the game to reassure people to drop the money on the game… as their first purchase for the console.

Forza 5 was a no-brainer for me at launch, and was the main reason I jumped ship from the 360. With the Backwards compatibility lining up the holidays, It might be safe to assume that the Xbox One could launch with 15 games for the Holiday Bundle, and include 360 games that people really want.

As for a demo, my money is on Gamescom.

What makes you all think that we will get a demo? We didn’t get one for FM5, only for FH/FH2. I doubt we’ll get a demo. As for FM6 preload, probably the week before UE early access, so, September 3, or it may just be the day before, September 9th.

I’m fairly sure a demo was confirmed, although I can’t remember when/where so I can’t grab a source.

Although I could be thinking of a different game, so don’t hold me to it.

Because every Forza game except FM5 had one? That’s six games out of seven. I’d say the odds are decent. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There was no pre-release demo for FM5 because there was no console to play it on.

If we get an FM6 demo, I’d expect it 2-3 weeks before launch, so between Aug. 25th and Sept 1st.

Demos have seemed to phase out from consoles. There’s the occasional beta, but the downloadable play as much as you want demo? I can’t remember the last AAA game that had one. Maybe someone can mention a recent one but I can’t. Not counting on a demo.


Fair point /facepalm

Well, I would guess we’ll get one, if we get one, in about 2 weeks, shortly after Gamescon or in another month, shortly before release.

And, of course, FM1 didn’t have one. I might be wrong because FM1 came before the digital boom and there might be some old demo discs with a FM1 demo included.

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I believe an FM1 demo actually existed on demo discs back in the day.