Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Premium Edition Bundle

Apex Premium Edition Bundle in the microsoft store,
Almost no news on the Internet,Someone can provide relevant information?

Hello all,

A link to this NeoGAF thread showed up on my social media feed and since I hadn’t seen an announcement or thread anywhere, I figured I’d repost it here.

Got to wring some cash out of us somehow I suppose after giving the “game” away for free…

Hmmmm. Intriguing. Thanks for sharing this, PJ!

Wow. This is great. But it doesn’t show up in my store. I think it was some kind of mistake.

The other thing which is needed is the parts upgrade system so we can build up the cars and then tune them correctly for each track. Remember PC players do not have access to forza 6.

Just Purchased the NurBurgring Track pack, but it hasn’t showed up in game as yet. I’m guessing they have to push out an update before we get to see it.

Yea, I think there will be an update tomorrow or something. I noticed that the marketplace menu in game is still unavailable.

After the update (2.7.17) the marketplace shows a paid DLC with 14 cars and Nurburgring with 3 tracks variations e 3 time variations, but I’ll wait for more infos

“New cars and the legendary Nürburgring!”

When I access this availability on my windows PC, that before would not allow me to access the Beta version due to missing hardware requirements, I’m able download it. The question is, has my pc hardware been vetted sufficiently to allow for download or will there be restrictions when I start to install this on my PC? - not that’m I’m going to, but just curious.

Well, it looks like this issue has been fixed and now my hardware doesn’t not qualify for the update - good deal !

It is buyable, but the content doesnt appear in the game yet…

I don’t understand, what’s the point of these dlc ?

Why not release Forza 6 then =/ … ?

In recource make full game it much harder way than realease content on DLC, and make full content of the game. After all it is cash for the work of developers. The full game cost 50USD and the game with 10 dlc 100USD.
And simple very good for the playerr buy that they want, and dont buy content that they dont

But yes i agree, id like to buy fulll version of Forza 6, i even create a thread on the forum. And seems possible that Forza 7 will coming on PC

This is kinda cute, but the game still lacks any sort of interesting progression system. And frankly, 17 bucks for a bunch of cars to drive around for a few minutes before going back to a better, fully fleshed game is not exactly good value.

Come on T10, give us the actual SP progression from FM6.

Glad I visited the forum or I wouldn’t have known about the dlc release. Should been announced more.
Finally nordschleife in smooth 60fps :). Hopefully turn 10 will add som sort of class rivals for each track, that would add a lot of play time.