Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass Expansion Announcement

Thanks Turn10! It’s little things like this that keep me playing Forza and supporting T10.


Hmm more cars around the same tracks … Jeez thanks




Forza: Releases more cars



The game already has well over 250 cars in it, The game does not need more cars it needs fixing the things that are wrong with it. I’ve not seen anyone say the game does not have enough cars in it for the past few months apart from the lack of race cars and i doubt the packs are going to be them.

Also no one is saying the game is broken it’s just the game needs to be fixed in a few areas.

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More like
“Biggest problems were lack of tracks and cars.”
90 paid DLC cars and 1 new track (I don’t count Road America)
“I mean that’s cool and all but we still have all those other bugs and missing features from day 1.”

T10 put the blinders on, and took the biggest complaint (lack of cars/tracks) and focused on just that it seems. Though with this added bonus of 2 extra months, they made the Season Pass a no-brainer.

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I think the point is, realistically that the car packs generate revenue and patches to the game play don’t. Reviews of the game and word of mouth early on was that the game had too few tracks and a somewhat broken economy and Turn 10 moved quickly to address those issues. That’s not to say that Turn 10 hasn’t been making efforts to patch the game. As a gamer whose played this and NBA2k14 primarily, the problems Turn 10 has had are strikingly more minor than those of 2K. And they’ve addressed some and hopefully will address more. But the fact of the matter there has been lots of negativity surrounding the car packs on these forums and their social media pages as well. Since they’re a revenue source, they’re going to get first priority. I don’t say this as an insider of any sort. It just makes good business sense. I would imagine they hope to sell a few more of those passes by increasing its value. I had planned on doing so anyway, but they’re going to get me for sure now. I need to drive that classic Indycar anyway. :slight_smile: But I do hope they address these other issues too… robot voices, lack of a distance meter, and some sort of gifting option would be great first starts. And I agree with F4H Rosso’s post in another thread that Turn 10 could use some transparency with how they plan to address those issues or if not, the reasoning behind those decisions.

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I guess all that needs to be said is thanks for the additional car packs. I’m not a car pass owner but I think it’s a nice gesture… for the car pass owners. “Free” cars for everyone would have been much nicer and more appropriate, but at least car pass owners get more bang for the buck…

Thank you, this announcement has just made my day.

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Honestly, this is great.
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You’re a car pass owner right?

Thank you T10. Some more cars are welcome. Will they be, by any chance, new cars drawn from the colossal wish list above? It would be nice to think so.

Hope springs eternal and all that…

Brilliant news Turn 10! Something to look forward to :slight_smile:

(I hope there’s an S14)

Forza community: “Fix the bugs and game first, no more cars!”

T10: “We got a special announcement for all you hardcore fans! We are listening to the community!”

24 hours later

T10: “MOAR CARZ!!”


Haha, well said sir.


That’s pretty much the size of it.


Very good news T10, looking forward to my garage growing! I can say I spend hours just looking at EVERY car (when I have time), they are spectacularly detailed. The hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! I have one question though, how will T10 market FM5 to the Asian buyers? Considering the lack of Asian tracks in the game, is their any plans for the upcoming launch of XONE in Japan and China? I would say they hold a strong interest in the automotive world, and with a lack of relevant tracks to their particular country could it affect sales?

That’s awesome. Thanks T10! I’m just feeling regret for not getting it now.

Woo 20 more cars. Can’t wait for a new track too. Obviously there’s one we all want but who knows if we will.

I agree Alpine Ring will be immense if it comes :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry I don’t “Want” Nurburg there are other tracks I would pick way before the Ring …


Heh Alpine Ring, I was hoping for some action at the Pacific Shipyards. :wink: