Forza Motorsport 4 rerelease. Why isn't it possible?

Anyone know why FM4 can’t be re released?

I can understand if there’s licensing issues and if that’s the case, sorry to bother. But if they can, why haven’t they? FM4 is regarded as the best Motorsport title so far and an upscale is all I need. I’d even pay ≈$20-25 dollars for a rerelease, even if it seems on the high side, I just wanna relive these memories and I know I won’t be disappointed because the game is actually good. It’s a win win because if I wanted to play FM4 I’d have to resort to methods not recommended or to buying a X360 that hasn’t aliven’t AND getting a physical copy of the game. It saves me time and money and it makes them money.

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Not when FM8 is around the corner. They want people to play the new games, not the old ones. That’s also why we can’t buy the old Horizons anymore

They’ve said the the reason for delisting is licensing. Cars, music, etc.

Pity - I bought disc of FM4 but could only get a 360 version.
Hoped they would add it to the backlist like they did with most other titles.
Can sill play FH1 on 360 disc so shame not FM4.