Forza Horizon 6

I think the next Forza horizon needs to be made in Dubai/Qatar come on, that would be awesome, I love Mexico, Britain, Australia, Southern France and Northern Italy, and Colorado. But, I really do think that they should add these huge streets in Dubai along with the monuments there, or since the World cup is going to Qatar it would be amazing to add such a place to Forza.
What do you think? I am interested in other views!!

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But you are a bit early… I suppose you have your tree up already?

Won’t ever happen. At least not FH6. Dubai can’t offer much for a Horizon game and its just one big desert. Don’t think they’d do another desert based Horizon for FH6, after Mexico.

Hello, I was speculating on where Horizon should or could go next.

The first idea is Brazil. Particularly Rio, Brazil.
The next could be somewhere in Canada. Or maybe another one set in the USA. Maybe on the East Coast.

Yeah, maybe for FH7 (crazy to think we’re getting that high), but not FH6. If you look at the past 4 games, you’ll see that it switches between a location primarily focuses on road (FH2, FH4) and one that devotes a good portion of the map to mostly offroad (FH3, FH5).

Personally, I would like Germany or Canada.