Forza horizon 4 and horizon 3

Ok, i’ve now been playing Horizon 4 for several months now and i can tell you i prefer Horizon 3 over this new one. It amazes me and not in a good way either that things like sound, lag time between scenes, etc. are worse instead of better with Horizon 4. For me at least the whole landscape is boring after while; it’s like i’m playing horizon 2 all over again with the same type of scenery. The introduction of Fortune Island had me all hyped up until i stated playing it and it’s the same feeling. the lightening was cool for about 10 minutes and then it same ole same ole. When will Forza take their game to the States, or Asia or Africa, etc. Look i really do love the Forza Horizon games, but they took a big step backwards with this edition in my opinion.

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yeah… Australia is prettier than England … Australia had like a Miami/Dubai/Hawaii vibe…just a prettier location in general,… England is bland and boring

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