forza horizon 3 458 gte race car vinyl glitch

hey i just downloaded a livery for the #51 af corsa 458 italia gte and i noticed that the vinyls on the right side is glitched. like they get flipped when i enter free roam even though it looks fine in forzavista. does any1 else have this issue?

Hello, thats normal in the game. A few cars have some problems with it for example the Veyron. When you make a Weissach livery for the 918 you will notice it, too. In Forzavista everything looks ok but when youre in the freeroam you will See some decal glitches. I don’t how it works but I think it won’t be patched because these problems exist since Horizon 2 maybe Horizon 1. Just deal with it :slight_smile:
Sorry for bad english

I have noticed it b4. It sucks that the devs won’t do anything to fix the issues

I too have that issue. I put a pretty good looking Marlboro livery on the #51 Italia and it is glitched on one side