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How do we add each other on Forza Horizon ?

If anyone would like to add me to their friends list I have no issues with being added.

Some of us are gamepass users and use our gamepass name.

Thanks anonyyymous… but how do I add you as a friend on FH5 should you grant me permission to ? :o)

It’s obviously a question nobody here seems to know the answer to.

Add them as friends on your xbox account.

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I use xbox companion on PC.

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On the Xbox companion app, on the right side, at the top of the screen, it says find people or clubs, here you can type in the gamer tag (it needs to be 100% accurate, capital letters and everything) then just click add friend.

On the new Xbox app, the one that hosts gamepass, you need to click on social, on the top left of the screen. Then type the gamer tag of the person you are looking for in the “search for people” bar (here capital letters don’t matter) then click on the person and click follow.

On Xbox it should work the same as in the new Xbox app, but i would need to confirm that on my sons Xbox.

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Cheers for the tips folks, much appreciated !