Forza can't handle constructive criticism. Part 1

This is ridiculous turn10… I sent in a support ticket to find out why I my gt was banned from features. I email them and got the worst response back.


You have been banned for creating user-generated content which violated the Xbox Code of Conduct.

Your ban will be lifted on 2/27/18.


The Forza Team

Really!? And you can’t tell me what I did wrong so I could fix it. I don’t know if I have an illegal tune or a paint. I know I haven’t broke any CoC! This is not how America works. You at least have the stones to show the infringement before the charges. This is a lawsuit in the making. You say we broke CoC. Yet you cant provide proof.

Yet a week before this happened I commented on the fact I’ve been having problems with tunes loading in. And even my own have been locked out for some odd reason. I posted about it. And tune10 said I full of crap. No problems. Then this ban with no proof of me doing anything wrong!

On top of this mess that they will hide what they have done. Is they shadow blocked all my paints and tunes. They say they are public. But when I go to look it up. They are not there!

Again one step forward 2 steps back every time u make another Forza 7.

Even ur paint don’t match up! Look at ur garb carbon paint you so called.

I demand an appeal as to what has happened! Oh and yes. I contacted high ranking support on this garbage of a call y’all made.

Not happy customer who’s played all since 1. And screw horizon


Wow. I can’t even say c r a p. Poop. Not like I said SH…

So lame ppl

No. I can’t even say p o o p…


See what I mean on your moding!

Prime example how u will piss off ur customers…

But I bet u don’t care and just lock up any posts tell the blunt truth

Sorry for say piz oph your customers… I mean how many glitches where there on the launch. And how many are there still that ur too lazy to fix. Just like the old ones. Don’t worry will make two that have glitches in them every year.



Do you possibly have any paints that are offensive or have antagonizing words or religious symbols? In this SJW day and age, I wouldn’t be surprised if bans were thrown out for having the words “back off idiot” on your bumper.


The problem is not turn 10 if you violated the code of conduct, Microsoft live moderate this and in a pegi 3 game you should pay more attention.