So I have been banned the past week, no idea why but I still tried to figure it out. I love that Forza directs you to When you go and read it and try to contact them it directs you to After no help there I just decided to call Microsoft Customer Support. Four hours and 26 minutes later I get off the phone even more confused. They tell me to contact Turn10 Studios because its their game. There’s no direct customer support line or phone number to call at all. I explain their site directs me to Microsoft and thats why I called. Two supervisors didn’t know why it would do that. I asked if it was because Turn10 was a subdivision of Microsoft as their page says, still no answers.
Here it is a week later off the random suspension and I wake up and am now suspended for a month with a letter in my Forza inbox saying the same garbage again, go to for terms and services agreement. Right back where we started! No idea what I did or how to fix it but as long as the right people go home happy at the end of the day with their pay who cares about the customer. I won’t be shelling out $129 for anything of yours again and will be sure to pass the word along.

Another Unsatisfied Customer