Forza 7 4K on Xbox One X buggy

Ok, so this is coming from an Xbox One and Xbox One S user. Forza 7 played very good on the S, actually pretty flawless (and FH3) in HDR. Got the Xbox One X and while I did in fact notice a significant bump in GTA V, Forza 7 looks the same as it did on the S. Am I missing something? This is the least of my complaint and could probably live with this, but Forza 7 is now not loading paintjobs correctly now. For instance the legendary Subaru BRZ instead of showing up in glorious 4K UHD metallic fleck, it shows up as Primer Gray? Also in the track loading screen, while selecting cars, each car takes 15-20 seconds to load the paint - and they are not even custom paint jobs. The S loads instantly. And some of the cars “buck” into the air like a Mustang horse as if being dropped from the sky. What happened here guys? I’ll post pictures and videos once I get home and have time to record this and the other items.

If this is the best we are going to see, the Xbox One X was a real waste of money. Turn 10 gets half the blame as the Xbox One X just isn’t that powerful as it claimed to be.

Are we expecting a patch?

Real bummer anther launch title wasn’t properly QA’d

Sorry to hear that. I’m on PC and have had lot’s of issue’s… including the gray cars you mentioned.
But to read even the new Xbox One X having the same issues is unbelievable. Well, i’m glad i didn’t preorder the X.
This is going to be a nightmare in the long run… and the X has just been released… as it’s already a nightmare on PC.

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honestly with the normal one was darker, with one x i see it more brighter

So see quite a bit of people reporting the Primer Gray paint issue. Any fix coming?

I also upgraded to the ONE X. Although I’m enjoying the upgrade (traded in my old day one edition XBOX)
Swap over was smooth, all my games look better, even on 1080p. It may be my imagination, but the sound is better also.
Videos and editing are much faster, as well as general applications.

This FORZA game is the only issue.

A faulty product, with no acknowledgment, it’s beyond frustrating.
I got into consoles to avoid all the PC pitfalls. Look at me now. #metoo

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I started a tread earlier about the grey car issue. It is not exclusive to Xbox One X. I only did free play races, so that is the only place I can report it. There were others that say it happens in MP as well. I have not seen anything from the career race side of things. Though its a dreary esthetic issue I didn’t notice any functionality issues to go with it.

Regarding how your graphics look on your one x. Do you have the 4k update installed? Are you running on a 4k HDR TV? Have you adjusted your TV per the one x TV setup? Have you adjusted video settings in FM7, on the one x?

Never had an original. But the visuals are quite a bit better on my one x than my one s. What jumped out first were the drivatar names were crystal clear at any distance. Text on track signs, score board etc were crisper. Track loads time are slightly faster.

Gray cars have happened since day one, but I see them more frequently since getting one x, however, release day had a small update for FM7 on both consoles, I attribute this update to causing more frequent gray car issues.

I have 3, Xbox one s and 2 Xbox one x, both x consoles have better visuals than any of the one s on same TV. I had a cable that reared its ugly head with one of the x consoles, it had glittery video effect and audio drop outs. It wasn’t a cable that came with any console, but was supposed to be a 4k cable, and used with the one s, looked fine, but the x showed that cables flaws. If I had experienced it, probably wouldn’t have believed it.

Of course, as mentioned I have the Xbox One S and it was perfect displaying 4K HDR. All setting verified green in the menu and I even did the controller trick which show the scorpio/4k assets installed.

So its the game and sadly I just this this console is not that powerful as claimed. If a basic racing title is crashing as a release title, then everything else will be downhill from here

I do not agree that “it’s the game and sadly just this console is not as powerful as claimed.” I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues. But I also have converted over to the One X and no games I’ve played on it so far have had a single issue … they all look spectacular in HDR … and run buttery smooth. I’ve tried FM7, AC Origins, and Shadow of War. Just because your experience has not been good does not mean that it’s been the same for everyone else and that the One X is a failure.

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You can disagree, but Xbox One X is not as powerful as claimed, fact. Having to support a performance vs graphic mode should be all you neeed to know. X is a waste of money, maybe in a year or so when they can figure out the shortcomings. Otherwise wait till Xbox One XI or PS5

The one s doesn’t do 4k gaming. On the one x you don’t have to verify 4k assists, if they are installed, it tells you on the loading screen with driver and Porsche that it’s one x enhanced.

What TV are you using? Are you running the one x directly to the TV on a 4k input or through a receiver? Trying to help here cause your experience isn’t what’s been posted as the norm for the one x.

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or maybe learn how to caliber your tv…

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[Mod Edit - Inappropriate - D]. So yeah, it’s tuned so we’ll that anytime I smack it it breaks windows from the vibrations.