FORZA 6: Tune a Drift Car in Ten Minutes or Less

This video is an in depth guide where I share the knowledge I have accumulated about tuning a

drift car from years of playing Forza (and physics classes). It is based on a simple formula

that I use to get “ideal” anti roll bars, springs, and rebound stiffness. What the formula

does is similar to the “default” forza gives for circuit racing. Think of this as a

“default” for drifting. It is a great place to start, nothing more. Everything else, as I

say in the video, is trial and error, you will need to know how drifting works and use basic

knowledge to get the tune you want. I attempt to explain pretty much everything from the

upgrades to each tuning tab including the math and science behind my logic.

Is this the best tuning method ever?
No, some of the best drifters I know in forza tune only by the feel aka trial and error. In

fact, some people look down on formulas and tuning calculators, however I have personally

found the best results in my own tunes from using this formula. From points drifting to

tandems and even battling, I think this tuning method is the easiest and fastest way to get a

dope base tune to work with. Also Id like to add that the best drift tunes are often tunes

that people have spent alot of time on. So if you try the formula, you still have to spend

alot of time on the gear, alignment, differential, and tire pressure. You may even find

yourself goin back to the upgrade shop increasing or decreasing power depending on what you

are going for.

I hope this guide helps alot of new drifter that want make their own tunes but dont know

where to start. Please comment on the video or the forum and tell me what you think about

the method.

-Upgrades: 0:35
-Weight Distribution: 2:30
-Anti Roll Bars 4:09
-Springs: 6:22
-Ride Height 9:02
-Rebound Stiffness: 10:22
-Brakes 12:45
-Differential: 13:21

*Test Drive: 14:15
Tire Pressure:14:50
Alignment: 17:19
Camber: 17:19
Toe: 18:56

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