Open drift tunes suggestion

Hey guys I know we can just download tunes right in the game but I personally miss the days when people would post their tunes on the forum. There seems to be a lot of people asking how to tune for drifting also. Since drifting is fairly subjective and everybody likes to have some different settings compared to the next guy I think it would be a good idea to put up some open drift tunes on the forum (sticky maybe eventually once enough tunes are up?). I know this requires a little more time than just hitting share tune in game but it potentially helps a lot of people out and since we don’t make money off sharing tunes in game I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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For the life of me I can’t get a stable RWD tune going for me. In Forza 4 I could drift just about anything RWD, but Forza 6 changed someting in the mechanics of it all. I had to take up AWD drifting. The odd thing is, the tune I now use for AWD in Forza 6 was pretty much the tune I would use for RWD in Forza 4 but wouldn’t work on AWD in Forza 4! LOL

I wonder if that old tuning guide is still on the forums here somewhere and whether or not it applies to Forza 6.

You mean this;

It still applies to Forza 6, I used it to tune my 350z.

This helped me tremendously. I kept skipping over that thread looking for quick tunes to use.
Finally I read it, applied it, and lo and behold got some great tunes that work well for me.
If its not sticky’d it should be

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I usually run
F Camber -2.0 to -3.0
R Camber -.5 to -1.0
Caster 6.0

Lower ride height even on most cars but some ill run lower ride height in the rear

one thing I struggle with is spring adjustment and Anti-Roll bar adjustment. try to go by feel but it takes a while. Any input on where to start with springs and roll bars would be appreciated

Try running sport anti-roll bars. That helped me a lot.

Honestly, I was / am in the same boat. I played forza 4 right up until forza 6 was released and the jump was huge.

What i’ve learned from talking to people on the forum and experimenting myself is:

The tuning guides for FM3 & FM4 seem to apply a lot more. Especially with balancing your vehicle using the formula.

Here’s what I go with:

Front: 40-50 PSI
Rear: 23-25 PSI

Front: (-1.0) -(-2.0)
Rear: (-0.5) - (-2.0)
Note - Sometimes I run them equal, depending on HP & Torque curve
Front: (+3.5) - (+5.0)
Rear: (0.0) - (-1.5)
6.5 - 7.0

I use the formula for my roll bars and springs - usually decrease it by a small bit in the rear.

For my bump and rebound I use:

Front: 13
Rear: 10-11

Front: 11-12
Rear: 8.5-9.5

Diffs are locked at 100%.

Maybe this will help someone - it definitely helped me make the jump. I feel like my cars are a lot more stable now. Throttle control is key though.

We got few tunes open source on our forum at for some open source builds or I have a few atm on my youtube Channel at KAMIKAZExTURTLE - YouTube
hope it helps any of u guys out or others.

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