Forza 6 ? Does anyone really know?

Officially that there will be a Forza 6 for sure ?

I am really starting to have doubts about it.
Turn 10 is by far the most quite company when it comes to users I think I have
ever seen besides EA. And well all know how bad that company is.

Horizon 2 is a 5 day game, after you play it for 5 days, it really becomes boring as hell.
I have no desire to even load the thing up after a week…just a really poor implementation of a $59.00 game.
I truly regret the purchase and I surely won’t by another Forza product in the future until I wait and read
many review.

I’m really tired of throwing away good money for bad and incomplete products.
Turn 10 will have to work really hard to ever get any more of my money.
Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

Expect to see Forza Motorsport 6 Oct/Nov 2015

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Right here. There’s been no official announcement as of yet, and there won’t be until spring of next year, but considering Motorsport is on a two-year cycle, fall of next year is when we can expect the game to be hitting shelves.

But technically that’s all speculation. Just don’t get worked up over it, the game is inevitable.


Don’t be surprised if development was already underway, it usually is by now.

May 2015 is also 10 years since the original Forza Motorsport was released back on the Original Xbox. I’m predicting (and hoping) that Forza Motorsport 6 could very well be the best Forza yet. I’m sure T10 will want to mark 10 years of the Forza Motorsport franchise with an epic Forza Motorsport game.

I’m pretty sure Dan(creative director for T10) mentioned that he would like to see FM on a 2 year cycle with Horizon being implemented into the off years. So I would expect some kind of announcement for Forza 6 to come at E3 next year.

If or when they have something to announce you can bet it will be in the news section.