Forza 5 Nurburgring 2.4hrs

This will be my first time competing in an endurance race and im not quite sure about some stuff. firstly can you choose the assists you use or are they fixed. secondly, which track will the race be in is the nordschleife with or without the GP circuit

Assists are the ones you have set in the main menu of FM5 yourself. I don’t think the difference between either of the large tracks really makes a difference but be sure you take a car you’re very comfortable with since the last Endurance (LeMans) has full damage on including fuel & tire wear

/edit: and drive carefully not to hit others. On LeMans, I held back at the start and drove at my own pace. For the Badge, you need a certain amount of miles in a certain amount of time. Keep an eye on Miles Driven (top right for these races) and the Clock (bottom left for these races). If you have less than 90 miles driven after the first complete hour of racing, make the decision to start driving much faster or quit out or even keep driving for no badge :slight_smile: