Forza 5 multiplayer is an abomination

Firstly, I just recently picked up an Xbox One and FM5. I’ve played hundreds and hundreds of hours of FM4 online for the 360 and very rarely have I experienced the kind of lag there that is ever-so-prevalent in FM5’s multiplayer races. My internet connection is fantastic and I have absolutely no issues in FM4, but in FM5 it is CONSTANT. Is this common??? Sometimes, the amount of lag is annoying but otherwise manageable, while other times the lag is so horrid there’s really no point in continuing the race I’m in. I’ve made sure to have all wireless connections such as my computer and cell phone disconnected from my internet and run speed tests, so I know it’s not me. In FM4, most times, the people that lagged were the only ones floating and glitching around the track. Now, I’m seeing floating cars occasionally but mostly just overall mega-choppy races. What’s the deal???

Yep, same here. Welcome to Forza 5.

It shouldnt be that bad… does ur internet say open moderate or strict?

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Last I checked, my NAT setting was either open or moderate, but it shouldn’t have anything to do with my NAT settings considering FM4 multiplayer plays just fine. It’s either the Xbox One and/or FM5 and I’m willing to bet it’s the latter.

Mine says open…after I FORCE the xbox one to do a multiplayer test then press and hold LT, RT, LB, RB together (every single time I log in I have to do this to have open NAT, there are A LOT of youtube video about this, for example ). And I have static IP, opened all the ports etc.
Normally it’s moderate.

I thought this thread was going to mention the number of trolls, the absence of custom lobbies and what else to mention.

About the lag, I was playing pass the it the other day and the game decided I was ‘‘it’’. I touched a guy and he made me fly out of the earth’s atmosphere. So, I kept going higher and higher and higher even after five minutes, just to give an idea.

Yep, my Internet was fine that day.

MassiveNoogies, welcome to Xbox One, home of lags, trolls, and absence of custom lobbies!


Took me half an hour to finally get into a race

the lobbies would constantly fail to load, and sometimes even crash my game

I have good internet and I don’t have issues with other games

It can be very frustrating… my system keeps going from open to strict on a daily occurence. I do the trick u do a couple of times to try and get it to open but it never works. It seems my ip address keeps changing. Is that possible and if so how do i stop it from doing that. I was able to setup my dmz thru my router the the x1 but then the next day my ip on my x1 is different. How do i fix that?

I had all kinds of trouble when i first bought the XB1. I bought a new router ( a good one) and have had an open NAT ever since. I am seeing alot of lag though which made me go to walmart and buy 50 ft of ethernet cable and run the XB hard wired. I’m not seeing as much lag after that but it’s still there. Hopefully T10 is slow to get to FM5 issues because they are all hard at work correcting FM6. I’ll not be pre-ordering the game though just in case.

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Folks, perhaps a post I just made will help:

For instance, most networking devices, whether modem/router or gateway, does not require DMZ in the setup only the correct ports - and many of the devices have an “Xbox Live” choice in their firmware to correctly use the available software.

Update: My system froze and I decided to power it on, eject the game, and re-insert the disc (just out of my own curiosity). Now, the sketchiness and overall lag isn’t quite as bad, but lobbies with a fair amount of people are still terrible. I just don’t get it… I hate to bring it up again, but FM4 was not like this. I think FM5 will be looked back upon as somewhat of a failure when compared to other Forza titles; not just by the bad multiplayer experiences many have but mainly because it didn’t bring much to the table. Still though, I’m looking forward to FM6 and hoping they have been listening to the community for what changes should be made.

sooooooooooo why should I buy an xbox one and this game???

Well, not everyone has these issues, and out of the couple of million likely players, only a handful report these issues. So it’s not as widespread as people would have you believe.
Also, lots of people for whatever reason use wireless instead of wired connections, some even use cell phone data connections. Those things are not recommended. Yeah they work for some people, but they introduce so many hurdles they’re often not worth it. They may work fine for a relatively simple game, so then if a more complex game doesn’t work, they blame the game and not their cruddy 75k/sec cellphone signal.
So these network issues should not be your sole factor in deciding whether or not to buy this or any other game.

Hardwired is the way to go. After the first year I decided to hardwire, it makes a difference not just on MP games but overall system performance. The wireless router was on in the next room approximately 20 ft away.

Turn off instant on.

If you have more than one xbox in the house then you must have a router that support UPnP properly to get both to have a open NAT.
Otherwise whichever is switched on first will be open, the other will be moderate

With a single xbox, static IP on the LAN + port forwarding will keep it open permanently.

Install a hyperspace interdiction device (also known as a “gravity well generator”) on all your cars.

These ingenious machines trick warp drives into thinking there’s a planet, star or black hole nearby, and prevent FTL jumps. Might help with the warping cars.

Having bought an Xbox One late, in January of this year, I just wanted to play through F5 “quickly” before F6 came out. Close to 90 hours now and just about to finish up all of the career leagues, I haven’t even bothered with multiplayer. Looks like I shouldn’t either.