Forza 4 Essentials Edition

The essentials edition is $10 on amazon compared to $30 for the regular game. But really all I want to do is buy dlc and tokens so I can get a boost in Forza Rewards points so I can reach tier 5. Would I be able to do this with the essentials edition?

Basically, Forza 4 came as a 2 disc version that had a lot of content on Disc 2. What you’re getting with the essentials edition is basically a stripped version of the game. If you wanted everything that came on disc 2, you would have to buy it in the marketplace.

You’re better off just spending the extra $20 for the full game.

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You’re better off looking for a better price than $30, of which you can find the full game.


That’s true. Just look here –

forza 4 amazon

There’s also this –

Forza 4 lce amazon

They actually sold the disc 1 game buy itself? Was this even released in the U.S.? I never seen or heard of it. Was this game packed in with the 360 at one point or something?

Yeah they sold it as a bundle and surprise surprise, still do! They could at least give you the full game if you’re throwing down $300 on a 360 console in 2014.


Wow, I do believe you can get all the achievements without the need for disc 2, but your missing out on a whole lot of content.

I can see Microsoft giving out that version of the game with the Games with Gold program to try and sale DLC. Since the Disc 2 DLC must be bought off the marketplace and the Essentials Edition will not work with the normal Forza 4 disc 2.

At that rate you’d probably spend more than the full game. Without disc two, you’d be missing out on a TON of cars. Well worth the added price.