Hey I got disc two

well my good friend gave me his disc 2 for forza 4, sadly he gave it away because he sold forza 4. (:() but now my question is I have the essentials edition for forza 4 (that came with the xbox 2012 skyrim forza bundle–no disc two) now what is the dlc’s that the essentials edition has because there is cars from 1950 to 2000’s but I dont know if it is the DLC 1950’s to 2000’s, I sorry if you can tell me that would be great!

Unfortunately with the Essentials Edition your only option is to download the other car packs as that version doesn’t recognize a second disk. The better thing to do is check your local game stores for trade-ins and get the complete version used.

wait so it wont work?

No, it will NOT work. The Essentials is a separate version, and does NOT recognize any Disc 2.

sell disc two on ebay. or craigslist the essintals purcahse the two disc from gamestop for 25

Yeah getting it from GameStop or Amazon is the way for you to go!