Forza 4 disk 2

I’m going to buy an used Xbox 360 soon and I’m looking forward to buying Forza 4 as well. But after reading about Forza 4 recently I learned that you can’t buy any of the DLC’s anymore. But then I found an unopened full version (not the Essentials Edition) of Forza 4 for sale so I started wondering if the disk 2 is still usable.

So does anyone know if I could still use the unused disk 2 to download the 4 DLC’s from it?

I think you can still download from the disc.

I think it’s just the download via the console where you can’t download them anymore.

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This ^^

But on the 2-disc-version is no DLC from the main game.

Disc 2 contains the 4 car packs, that were missing in the ‘Essential Edition’

But when you say ‘4 dlcs’ i think you are talking about these packs.

1950-2000 Model Year Car Pack (697MB)
2001-2005 Model Year Car Pack (802MB)
2006-Current Model Year Car Pack (553MB)
Autovista Car Pack (815MB)

And yes, these can still be used when you install disc 2 on your 360.

It’s an installation disc, not a redeemable code; disc 2 can be installed by multiple different users without restrictions. : )

I have tried every solution and nothing seems to be working, i have 2 different disc 2 for forza 4 and it still doesnt work

Some more details would help here - like which version of FM4 do you have?

I hate to ask but did you start the game off disc 1 or 2. You can only start the game from disc 1. These are the original discs.

I have disc 1 and 2 discs of disc 2 but neither of them seem to work when i try to install disc 2. Disc 1 works perfectly fine I just can get any of the cars I want because disc 2 isnt working

Did you make sure the disc was clean of fingerprints and dirt?

I only have disk 1 for FM4, how do I get disk 2

eBay or used at a game store. Plenty on eBay but you are going to have to buy disc 1 with it even if you already own disc 1. They no longer produce these discs so I don’t see any other way.

ok leetorts thanks, I’ll get the 2 disk edition of FM4

Ask people. Discuss it friends, work collegues, customers. I mentioned it once to someone that played the game about 4 years ago “for the Aussie V8’s”. A couple of months later they dropped in gave me the game with disk 2.

I’m very grateful. (Some may look at my times and say wasted on me. I, myself will use them anyway).

If you live near the SA Hills, drop a message. You too could get lucky.

Before I got Disk 2, I could see these cars frequently on the leaderboards.
F-C ; Lotus Elan – use the Alpha GTA (level 3 reward) - light car
R2 ; Mazda Furai --use the Astra or Audi (Level 43 reward)- high grip
R3 ; Nissan Fairlady – use the Mosler (level 41 reward or buy at 320k)- high grip and strong accelleration

My motto. A slow lap is about 9 minutes faster than a fast unclassified lap :wink:

What happens if u lose the disk cause my son broke it for some reason. Can u download a file to unlock the dlc