can't install disc 2

Hi guys I don’t know why my Xbox don’t let me install disc 2 of forza. give me an error like insert disc 2 but I already inserted it. When I bought the console she came with forza 4 but is the bundle version with only one disc. But I borrow from a friend of mine his copy of the normal forza with the two discs. Can someone help me please?

the version that came with the 360 is “essentials”. yes i fell for the same “complete game” lie they printed on the cover. it wont work, they actually spent extra money making sure you can get what they told you you were getting. you should be able to find a copy of forza 4 dirt cheap used. the "essentials ‘complete game’ " is a demo, its false advertising. make sure you buy it used so ms does not see a cent of the sale. they were depending on you getting hooked and spending more money to buy the complete game they claimed you were buying with the 360.

infact dont even waste your money on that. get a copy of forza 3 ultimate. its the opposite of “esentials” it includes not only the complete game but the complete dlc packages, all the dlc cars and the dlc tracks. people paid $150 for the content when it came out and you should be able to find it now for $20 or $30, and thats new not used. click on find in store and punch your zipcode in at target. its superior to not only fm4 but fm5 also.

The normal versions disc 2 will not work with essentials - the second disc for essentials can be purchased from the xbox store.

But i already have a normal version disc 1 and 2, but when i insert the first one and go to the right image with a Ferrari FXX to install the second disc, when the game say please insert disc 2 and thats what i did when i close the console to load the disc 2 that’s when i got the error: Please insert disc 2 . When i already inserted it :frowning: And i’m sorry about my english.

Did you delete the game completely and start over using the original game? If you did and it’s not working, then perhaps disk 2 is faulty. Sounds like the HDD is not reading it.

Did you happen to install it at the dash board cause when you click on (X) Game Details and you see an install button. This doesn’t work, go to the same page and delete it disc 2 I mean. It should install in the game.

Hey man I have tried to do what you saying but when i go to the game options (X) with the disc 2 on the xbox, theres no INSTALL button on it :s this is so frustrating. any other opinions? i really want the DLC cars.

I’m gonna try that KOGA MIYATA 81. And yes EZT MAKO 6669 I have done that too deleted all the files from forza and give me the same error. But thanks anyway for helping me guys.

You could just take it to a game store and have them take a look at it or give you a replacement disc.

The “X” option is to install the “entire” game to the HDD. When you do a “basic” installation, only some of the files are set up on the HDD. The rest are read from the disk as needed. By installing all the files on the HDD, you then only need the disk to start the game, it then plays entirely from the HDD. This saves on loading times, makes the gameplay a bit smoother, less likely to “crash”, and saves wear and tear on your disk drive.

Disk 2 is automatically transferred to the HDD in it’s entirety. Once done, you never need to insert the disk again. This is why there is no “X” option with that disk.

From what you’ve written, I believe you have a faulty disk. For some reason, the drive is unable to read it. Look closely to see if you can see any obvious damage, eg, scratches and the like. It may be possible to repair it. Some times it works, sometimes not. Most likely you will have to find another disk somewhere.


so 1 more question if you install the game by pressing x and the game instals do you lose your game progresions

i have disk 2 installed on my xbox already and i cant use the contents from disk 2 with the essentials disk but i can with the play disk from a full 2 disc copy. so to install disc 2 and use it without buying it from the marketplace is to have the full 2 disc copy.

EZT MAKO 6669 if you instal the game again treu x button do you keep your game memory or do you lose them and do you have to start over again ?

I wish there was a simple solution

To what?

Installing Forza Motorsport 4 Disc 2. First you need to have the first disc that says Disc 1 Play Disc on it. Which I now have. When you have to Disc 1 Play Disc it will have Install Disc 2 next to Marketplace in the main menu.